The Secret Of My Cupcake

I will give the credit for my success of my cupcake to JJ Mummy. Although she was not the first mummy who inspired me to bake cake for my child, but her “easy made” cup cake set off my desire. And definitely with her help, that made this uphill task much easier.

She sent me her recipe (see below) and she shared her tips with me on how to deal with fondant.

Ingredients (approximately for 15 cupcakes):
Butter: 250gm
Sugar: 250gm
Self Raising Flour: 250gm
Eggs: 5pcs
Baking Powder: 1/4 tsp
Milk: 20gm (normally I use my boy milk powder)

1) Preheat the oven at 170degree
2) Sift the flour
3) Beat the butter and sugar
4) Add in egg one at a time
5) Next add in the sifted flour
6) Lastly add in the milk powder
7) Bake at 170degree for 30mins

She also shared with me where to get fondant. And this is the address given by her (below):

33 Seah Street,
Singapore 188389

I didn’t get the fondant from the shop. I got it from Phoon Huat. But I still make a trip to the shop with D. And so glad that I did.

There was a need to get the letter cutter for this trip but in the end I decided to get the alternative. I am not too sure I will be continue making cupcake after her birthday thus decided not to make investment for this letter cutter.

Cupcake making - IMG_0194

As I have already “played” with the fondant before I went down to this shop. I know my weakness and hence, the ready made fondant came in handy.

Cupcake making - IMG_0193

Cupcake making - IMG_0195

So it is not exactly pure luck. But still, I know I am lucky to get all the help I need from JJ Mummy and putting in my constant effort to bake the cupcake for Yvette’s birthday possible.


6 thoughts on “The Secret Of My Cupcake

  1. You just gave me a very good idea. Altho’ I’m not going to bake any cakes (I think). haha. But I could personalise a store-bought cake. ;D

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