Yvette Is Having Mild Fever

We are not sure why Yvette was down with mild fever since yesterday. Unlike the previous contract role, I actually went ahead to apply for unpaid leave for today so that I could take care of Yvette.

We went for breakfast at MacDonald this morning before I sent her to the clinic for further consultation over her fever. It seemed her fever was always at the range of 37 plus. If there is no otherwise, she should be  able to recover by tonight. (But we suspect it might be due to some insect bit on her neck.)

Anyway, I’ve been busy. Busy over work and busy taking care of Yvette. We really didn’t do much home learning due to my weak health. I also notice besides getting old, working full time without help, the D&C really affects my energy level. I no longer can stay up late to prepare material to teach Yvette. I really depend a lot on books that I brought.  There are many back-dated posts waiting for me to pen down. I will definitely try to pen down those milestone as soon as possible.

Ok Yvette is up.. I got to go.. cya!

10 thoughts on “Yvette Is Having Mild Fever

    • She is getting bad to worse. She been so unwell since Friday. Today was as bad too.

      As for myself, I think I will have to take more tonic to build up my health.

      I hope Jude is getting better and as well as your baby is growing well!

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