Yvette: 3 yrs (36 mths)


Sometimes, I have to adjust. Time really flies. Every now and then, I wish she was just a baby but I know she is not, never is, a baby anymore.

Terrible 2 finally over and here I have to welcome her horrible three. I wish she will able to understand better and we won’t need to invest a lot of energy to manage her.

At 3, Yvette is not a girly girl. She loves pink but she doesn’t loves princesses. She loves to choose her clothes but she doesn’t loves dressing up. Sometimes battle erupted due to dressing up too. She doesn’t speak to us gently but she is never rude to us. She invested most of her time in learning and as well in playing. She learns fast and play her whole heart out.We have too many materials for her at home to satisfy her learning appetite. We also have plenty of toys for her. And as she is our only child, both of us spend a lot of time with her.

She definitely has a mind of her own at 3. She could express herself very well. She loves to talk. A lot. She speaks her mind freely. Whatever her brain generated facts, she will certainly want to share with us. She has great memory power. She can remember facts, and what had happened very well.

Oh well, she is not a perfect child. There are still many areas, in term of personality, habits, we still need to put in effort.

Tantrum – She has tame down. The past one month, we really see lesser meltdown. We could reason with her more and she is more able to accept No.

Brush teeth – Finally she did. She never like to brush teeth. But since I was at home for the past one month, I have more time to coax her and finally she put in some effort. Now she brushes her teeth twice a day and I hope I won’t need to make effort on this habit anymore….

Sleep – This is the hardest habit for me to correct her. I have totally run out of energy on this. I just need to pray.

Wet her pant – Some how she always forget to go toilet when she was very engross with one task. Although she is able to sleep through the night without wetting the pant, I do face accident occasionally.

Breastfeeding – I wish I could wean her earlier.

More willing to walk – Yes. Finally we manage to encourage her to walk. When she walked from Paragon to Orchard MRT on 07thMay, I was totally impressed!!!

Loves to eat almost everything. Especially vegetables. Other then Eggplant and bitter gourd. No more fussy eater! Yeah. The best part, as of now, she doesn’t like to eat Western Food. Noodles or Rice will be her first choice. Never fond of Nugget and as well as Pizza (hope she will like pizza one day). Lastly, the best part of her eating habit is, she is now feeding herself most of the time. That’s a big bonus to me.

She doesn’t have any fav food nor any cartoon characters although she loves pig a lot. It is good that she doesn’t have any. So that I won’t have such headache.

She is definitely resilient and tough. She pick up herself fast when she fall. She doesn’t cry much over pain. But she can’t stand itch. I remember when Eczemahit her the first time, it was terrible. We have many sleepless night and she was perpetually up every 2-3 hours to cry for itch. That was really terrible.

But there is one thing I don’t really like. She loves to win. We have to impart her more Sportmanship to her. So that she will understand it is the process that matters.

Academically, she is good. We are happy with her progress. Her ability in learning Maths is impressive. The only down side is she doesn’t really like to write. Yes, she could write most of the number but she doesn’t like to practice. Perhaps she is still not ready. I have invested some materials, but due to my weak health, I have yet got time to work on this area with her. (Well this is an back dated post, I learnt she actually could write “well” on her birthday. I have hardly coached her at all in this area.)

Overall, I think both me and my hubby have done a good job in coaching her and I think making the sacrifice to stay at home for the first 2 year plus of her life makes a difference.


Finally she has learnt how to do the V sign.

We love you, Yvette!

(And finally finally I updated this post on 31 Aug 2011.)


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