Another Roller Coaster to Ride On

Last Friday, it was supposed to be a very happy day for Yvette in school but it ended up round of crying episode. She cried not once but a few times in school and as well as during outing.

Yes, last Friday the school brought them out for the first excursion ever. The tots were transferred from school to Safra at Jurong – Kidz Amaze via school bus for their first outing outside TPY. We prepared Yvette as usual by talking to her and I baked enough cup cakes for the tots in school too. (Yeah major project for me.) However, this didn’t stop the “fear and liking” within her and she cried before I even left school on Friday.

As I thought the unpleasant moment had passed and everything will be as per “normal” today. But she surprised me by crying before I left again. (Usually when she cries, I will leave immediately and let the teacher take over the duty.) I wonder if the apprehension still exit? I guess this will last for a week and hopefully it will go away soon than I want it to be.

Any more tips for me on this issue?


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