Another Celebration With Velda & Zac

P/S: This outing took place on last Friday (13th May 2011) afternoon & evening.

After the celebration in school, we headed back home to rest and waited a call from Stella. We wanted to go zoo but the weather turned against us. So we waited and waited and waited finally around 2 plus, Mr Sun decided to come out and work again.

We wanted to travel to Zoo by cab but somehow, we didn’t manage to get one and then we decided to take public transport instead. We took train to Ang Mo Kio and then waited Bus 138 which took forever to come. And the “best” outcome arising due to the wait was and must be due to missing her nap, Yvette throw tantrum without any warning given. Luckily the bus came in time and I could nurse her on the bus and that stopped her tantrum and sent her to her slumber land.

Phew. And it was a smooth ride as there was no traffic on our way there.

We decided to sign up for a year Zoo membership after some consideration for S$173.34 after 10% discount. (10% discount was given either using OCBC credit card or SAF 11B.) And luckily, D brought along his card. So men, don’t ask your maid to carry your backpack ok. After all you should be proud you are serving the national!)

Zoo - IMG_0270

I checked and ensure Yvette was still sleeping when we moved into the Zoo but suddenly we heard her voice when we passed by Flamingo. “Mummy, I wanted to see Flamingo!” @_@ Good timing. Flamingo is her favorite bird.

We didn’t spend much time looking at the animal because I need to catch up with Stella’s family who already at the water play.

Zoo - IMG_0260

As I thought Yvette will key up after seeing how happy Velda and Zac were –  playing the water, surprise kicked in. She didn’t want to get wet at all!!!!!!!!!!!

Zoo - IMG_0261

She complained and fussed over after Velda carried her into the water play….. Awwwww…….. strange little girl I have here!!!!!! Anyway, since she didn’t want to play at all and Velda and Zac had played for more than 30 mins, we decided to quit and left the place. We took the tram to the exit and  had some snacks in KFC before we drove off by Stella to her place.

Then on the car on their way back to Stella’s house and of course, so much fun playing together. Again, Yvette only want to play with Velda and Zac was forever being forgotten. In the end, D started to play with Zac and read him story book.

Zoo - IMG_0268

We have dinner at the nearby coffee shop before we proceeded to my sister’s place. (My sister stay with her MIL now as they are still waiting for their flat. And this flat is just 5 mins drive away.) The only regret was, we forgotten to buy another cake for Yvette so that she can have another round of candle blowing.

P/S: Read Stella’s entry about the outing too!


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