Kids Kampong @ Pasir Ris Farmway 1

I got to know about this credible place from this mummy.

Kids Kampong is located at No. 11 Pasir Ris Farmway 1 which surprisingly the taxi driver who stay in Pasir Ris droved us to the wrong place. He did eventually sent us there.

Kids Kampong - IMG_0346

As highlighted in their site, I did make a call before heading down to avoid disappointment as this place is really far away from where we live.

As we entered the premise, we were stopped by the staff. We were told either have to buy the food to feed the animals (a dollar a package) or you have to pay $10 (free for 1 adult to accompany) and an additional $4 for a bucket and net for longkang fishing  (for an hour) which also come with a free ice cream and a free drink.

We didn’t want to spend time catching the fish because D want to stop his “fish project” at home and Yvette was more keen to feed the fish rather than catching them.

Kids Kampong - IMG_0347

We walked further in and we were welcomed by a pond of Koi Fish. Yvette was really over joy when she could get so close with the fish and she simply shuttle herself from the fish and the rabbit.

Kids Kampong - IMG_0351

Kids Kampong - IMG_0944

Kids Kampong - IMG_0945

She just couldn’t stop feeding them. The fish look so hungry to her. When ever she poured some fish food in, the fish had never stop eating. And incredibly, (I think) we spent close to 10 bucks on the food.

Beside fish and rabbit, there are many other animals too.

Kids Kampong - IMG_0353

Kids Kampong - IMG_0355

Kids Kampong - IMG_0356

Kids Kampong - IMG_0358

Kids Kampong - IMG_0362

And this!

Kids Kampong - IMG_0365

Although this place is out of our way, I feel it is definitely worthwhile making a trip here.


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