The Celebration In School

P/S: This celebration took place on last Friday – 13th May 2011.

School Celebration

My expressive Yvette! (I gathered her expression together during the set up for the cake and cake cutting.)

The celebration in school is simple yet a meaningful event. This is something Yvette looks very forward into. Celebrating birthday isn’t about us anymore. It is more about Yvette and how Yvette want to carry them out.

School - IMG_0229

This cake chosen by Yvette!

I woke up very early in the morning (about 5 am) to bake those lovely cupcakes for her. (Haha.. don’t be fooled by me. There are many tricks  I have taken to make these cupcakes lovely!!!! (will share soon.)) I also prepared some hotdog, corn and brought some drinks for the celebration. And luckily, my niece and nephew came over to our place to help to carry those food to school. However, since this was the first time we celebrate Yvette’s birthday in school, there are things we have forgotten to bring along. Items like plastic plate, fork were missed out.

The school had fire drill in the morning so the timing for celebration was schedule an hour later (at 11.00 am). When we reached school, the teachers gathered the students in front of the board and helped to set up the table for us. D was a little nervous… (so funny) having so many little eyes (20 over students from Yvette’s class and the class beside their class – N1B & N1C) staring at us while we set up the cake with the teachers. Yvette on the other hand, was waiting very patiently.

School - IMG_0235

During the cake cutting, we didn’t turn off the light to sing the song because there was one little boy who was really afraid of dark and he had started to cry before we agreed with the arrangement. We were fine with the light on actually. (Not to frighten the boy too.) They sang her a English and as well as Chinese Birthday song and that made my little Yvette very very happy.

School - IMG_0242

After all the candles were blown off

The teachers helped us to distribute the cake and  got the children sat on the table. Most tots could wait for everyone, a handful was too eager to eat the cake and the snack we brought to school. As for Yvette, she also waited patiently with her best friend, Crystal sitting right beside her.

School - IMG_0251

Her best friend in school - Crystal Tan!

It was really heartwarming to witness and involve this meaningful event. (Some of my friend’s children were born in the month end and they will normally miss the celebration in school due to closing in the end of the month.) I wonder if I can be involved if I work full time. Again I was reminded how lucky I was….

School - IMG_0250

Yvette couldn't take her eyes off the cake!

Once again I will like to shout – Happy Birthday My Girl!!! Papa and Mama love you!


5 thoughts on “The Celebration In School

  1. happy birthday to yvette!
    what lovely cupcakes!
    will need to ask for your advise when i try my hand at it haha!
    never been a good cook or baker 😛

    may yvette continue to be happy and healthy 🙂

  2. happy birthday yvette
    hehe same day as my son
    can u teach me how to make the cupcake and ware can i get the fondant ?
    i tried backing a few times and always fail

  3. Happy birthday Yvette! Glad to see how much you’ve enjoyed yr birthday celebration in school. Those cupcakes look so lovely!!! Wish I can bake so well too.

  4. Hey there, thanks the compliment and the well wish here. Let not fool by me. The cake is really not too hard to make and with those tips that I am going to share and I believe all of you will be a great baker!!!

    @jmama – Happy Birthday to your son? Justin?

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