Potong Pasir, A Kind Town

PP - IMG_0274

It is not only us who visit this “new” tourist spot in Singapore. For the past one week I have read at least more than 5 posts via the blog that I have subscribed and also via my twitter account and still counting. A lot of us from all over Singapore had made a special trip down to this Kind Town before it going to change. A town where most voters vote by heart and only have one bus serving all the residents, without bank and NTUC.

Potong Pasir is not an estate that is “new” to me. Part of TPY is actually under Potong Pasir and many of us know that (please prove to me I will be wrong), this town will be “potong” to TPY and as well as to Ang Mo Kio in next election. I not surprise part of it will be in Marine Parade too. Macpherson is just beside Potong Pasir … No more… I hope not.

I learnt the word “slum” many years back from our leader. It was often used to describe Potong Pasir and even Hougang. (Another of my Bff stay in Hougang k, no slum ya… ) And since we always pass by Toa Payoh Lor 8 from time to time, we are very sure this place is well managed.

PP - IMG_0288

PP 2


This little town doesn’t change much seriously but definitely not run down. It’s about the same when I first visited many years back with D. The MacDonald is still there. Many stores under the void deck and the mini mart are still there. The coffee shop does not upgrade much.. And the town council of 27 years are still at the same block…Potong Pasir is green with so many residents putting in their effort to build the town together with their MP, Mr Chiam. (Mr Chiam allows his resident to plant plants freely around their estate.)

PP - IMG_0283

Talking about Mr Chiam who is someone that won most of our heart by his action and not words. I have so much respect for him. And thru this visit, I found out he might be the only MP that travelled together with the  resident under his care.

PP - IMG_0305

We spent about 3 hours in this small town where Yvette had so much fun in the playground. We had dinner at one of the coffee shop too.

PP - IMG_0309

And seriously I almost miss the billboard that will be taken down soon.

PP - IMG_0319

P/S: A thank you to Mummy Cendrine sending me the picture of the billboard.


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