Roundup Learning For Yvette – Science (2-3yo)

We do very little on learning science but I know Yvette definitely had great interest for this subject.

It all get started from this sticker book.

05_May 2011 Science

Since then, we started to engage her more in conversation involve animals, and tell her the classification – Mammals, birds & reptile. She took it so well and remember them in her heart. She identify all these animals well and classify them accordingly.

We also tell her most Mammals are birth as babies where birds and reptiles are birth as egg. Again she never fail to amaze us she could remember.

Perhaps this is also part of learning English too, we have this set of learning card and I able to teach her the baby animals of their parent and as well as getting her to split them accordingly.


Again there are so much more I could fill her little brain with more knowledge and I have invested this book long ago but yet have much time to work with her.



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