Roundup Learning For Yvette – Maths (2-3yo)

A pat on our shoulder when come to Maths.


The learning curve is so short and the result is so amazing. It all started with her passion towards number and her ability to pick up timetable herself using the CD Sam recommended. (She took around 2-3 months to master the time table (1 to 12) all by herself.) That’s certainly built up her confidence and as well as blowing up her learning appetite towards Maths.

I am lucky she love learning Maths so much that we crossed each hurdle easily. It doesn’t seem hard for us to impart concept to her and she been patiently learning those mathematics concept. Explaining in words and using picture illustration on the concepts really built up her foundation.

I started snake and ladder game when she was 27 mths and I brought the hundred board to grow her interest in number. Slowly we did Maths while playing the game. Simple addition and subtraction.

Initially, she was like many other kids. She can’t do simple maths. All number bond doesn’t make sense to her. Bit by bit, her foundation was built up because of her passion toward number and her “hardworking” attitude. And thru home schooling, I incorporate more Maths. I also brought her books for her to read.

05_May 2011 Maths

All these books are from Scholastic

At the same time, I also started to do activity books with Yvette. And here our first activity book that I brought more than a year back.


From Popula Book Store

This book does simple addition and subtraction using picture illustration. Slowly and surely, Yvette’s daily activity consisted of doing Maths assessment and practice really deepen her understanding. (She loves doing it. Most of the time when we start, it is very hard to ask her to stop. And she likes to do a few books concurrently.)

Another point I need to highlight is – Being able to read, indeed helps her to understand Maths better.

We are aware her subtraction is weak. And I manage to find this subtraction (sticker) activity book  in Feb. And she found another one in the shop at Basement in Forum. After doing these two activity books. There was sign of improvement.

IMG_0444  IMG_0441

We did Book 2 of this series of activity book in Dec 2010. For Book 3 & 4, we completed them around March and Apr 2011. (These from ELM @ Paragon)


In Book 3, the topics covered are as follow:

  • Patterns
  • Shapes
  • Tens and Ones
  • Greater or Smaller
  • Multiplication
  • Division (A good exercise to brush in the concept to her.)
  • Shapes
  • Time – D went thru this with her but apparently she still didn’t get it.
  • Weight
  • Money – (Something we have not touched on.(
  • Addition (of tens) – She is good.
  • Subtraction (There are rooms for improvement.)

05_May 2011 Maths (2)

In Book 4, the topics covered are as follow:

  • Number Names
  • Place Value
  • Skip Counting
  • Addition (Add in 100)
  • Measurement
  • Time
  • Fractions (She is good)
  • Ordinals
  • Double Fun
  • Shapes
  • Jigsaw Puzzle

05_May 2011 Maths2

The break through was really after doing these three activity book. (I saw them at Popular, ELM & the bookstore at B1 @ Forum)


Yes she could do exercise up to 7 yo with our coaching and help. She came out most of the answers herself. And make little mistake when doing it. She love it so much and we could finish them in about two months plus time.  (It was given to her in the middle of the March.) And at the same time we are working on these books too. (There are 5 books in this set from Dang Dang.)


And of course lastly I finally get this box of Connect-A-Cube teaching aid from Growing Fun. I really find them useful and forget about Poms Ball.


Maths is a subject that really needs a lot of practice and patience. Some kids are really good in it and some really dislike it but there are a lot of ways to make your child love it and it will be good if you could incorporate activity in daily life about Maths to make the learning more interesting.


3 thoughts on “Roundup Learning For Yvette – Maths (2-3yo)

  1. hhehe – the cubes are what I use the most. Good even for weighing activities and such. (I bought a simple balance during offer)

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