Round up for GE2011 – Don’t Vote For The Sake of Changing

We can no longer ignore the problems because they have gradually built up, If we don’t rectify the all these issues right now, I can’t imagine “The Singapore” when the next Election kicks in in 2016. (Will there be one? Recalling one tweet I have read a few days ago: “In 2016, there will be One Mega GRC with S$1.4 m deposit.”)

Many of us staying up late trying to read all news relating to this GE those close to our heart. IF GE 2006 is political awakening to me then GE 2011 will be political intensifying for me. I mentioned I joined the WP last rally in 2006. The emotion was electrifying and truly I was moved.

Emotions apart, why need change?

Besides those issues I have stated briefly, we are lucky, really lucky. We have a house loan that not too much for us to stomach. I can be a stay at home mom without much worry. I shouldn’t have much problem to take care of my parent’s medical bill (but not nursing home bill) even I don’t work as long as I pay the insurance premium I brought for them 14 years ago.

Then why change?

As a trained Accountant, to me checks and accountability are really important. How transparent the financial report should be?

We have no idea how ALL our money gone to? Yes of course, most of us have benefited from the policies implemented by PAP government and I do feel grateful for our government that has led us and Singapore to where it is today.

However I am really not comfortable where there are no checks and balances. To counter check to ensure that it’s the best possible decision before it’s implemented since we the commoners also understand that the world is ever changing. Even Yvette could spot mistake made by me when I coach her, how can it possible no checks on the government at all? Admit it, we are human and we do make mistakes. Please don’t tell me our govt. makes no mistake at all.

I bet no one wish to overthrow the PAP government as that will bring about political instability which all of us know will affect our jobs, property value, share markets, etc…

So vote wisely later. Don’t be afraid of change but don’t vote for the sake of changing. And every vote counts!


2 thoughts on “Round up for GE2011 – Don’t Vote For The Sake of Changing

    • Think for yourself. What you really want?

      P/S: Why yourself? No one owe you a living and you owe no one an answer how you want Singapore to be.

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