Another Contract Job?

Yes, I have just signed myself to another contract job for a 3 months period.

Staying at home is boring especially I don’t have any intention to change Yvette from full day school to half day school.

I am simply have 劳碌命 in my blood. I dislike the idea staying at home and not contributing much. Most friends told me to stay longer period at home so that my health will get better –!

The good thing about this contract is the leave kicks off immediately. I don’t have to wait for 3 months to be able to take leave and medical leave. And I have a shorter working hour by half an hour a day as compare to the previous job. The next great news at least to me now, I am actually the extra pair of hand rather than to shoulder the responsibility of the full time staff.

Ok, I am going to start work next Monday and I will be off  on Friday to celebrate Yvette’s birthday in School. And lastly I think again, I will not have much time to update my site.



7 thoughts on “Another Contract Job?

  1. sunflower,
    why dont you look for permanent job?ya, no point staying at home since Yvette attending full day now..

  2. hi sunflower, actually not really, my case, contract and full time staff all the same, u do the same thing but temp position will not those benefir like medical, leave and of course bonus..

    • It is not the same in accounting field. You are lucky for your case will be the same but never in accounting line.

      Too much request will need to deal with if I will be full time staff. And as for s now, I have no crave for benefits. The term from the first contract job came as a shock but now I use to it already.

      Maybe next year I will consider or if I do have good offer come by.

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  4. Congrats on landing this contract job. It does sound like a good arrangement with the leave benefits and not having to shoulder the work responsibility on your own. Sometimes the stress of being the one in charge at work can be too much when being a mom is the no.1 priority 🙂

    • Exactly.

      I really don’t want to shoulder so much responsbility on my own now. As Accountant we have to deal with request everywhere especially we are in the regional role. (My last full time job is Corporate Accountant for Asia Pacific.)

      And you are right… the stress level is very hard can imagine especially during budgeting period!

      Yeah. Being a mom is still my no.1 priority 🙂

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