Cooling off Our Day With Some Water Play

May is usually unexceptionally hot month during the year. I wanted to get out of the house since morning but really out of idea where to go especially everywhere will be so crowded.

Our little girl refused to nap. No point staying at home as we seemed to have running out energy to attend to her ample request. So in order to exhaust her, we decided to head Vivo for some water play.


In this playground, often, she will roaming freely and she had so much fun as usual. That last us for about an hour before we called for a stop.


Taking account that she had missed her nap this afternoon, we know we ought to be a little gentler to get her out of the playground and to change. Surprisingly she never protested much.

We managed to change her at the baby room next to the playground and went for our dinner. The only set back we had was, she wanted to have cup corn as part of her meal and we have to walk from Vivo to Harbour front.

When all was done for the day in the mall, we headed home happily around 8 and Yvette was in her slumber 30 mins after we were home.

We have a great evening!


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