Savour The Cake Of Our Labour

Thanks JJ Mummy sending me her recipe and passed me tips on how to manage fondant. The cup cake was really nice. Right texture and not too sweet to stomach and most importantly, my Yvette have so much fun helping to measure the ingredients and getting the cupcake done!

Labour May IMG_0122

The baker to be!!!

Labour May IMG_0124

Line out the cup cake casing.

Labour May IMG_0126

The end result.

Labour May IMG_0127

Again, there is plenty of room for improvement.

JJ mummy passed down some tips to me on how to manage to the fondant and here they are:

  1. Cover unused fondant to keep it from hardening, if hardens, knead in a few drops of vegetables oil. (But try not to do it too often.)
  2. Dusting hand and cookie cutter and work table with icing sugar prevents the fondant from getting sticky.

Personally I feel using water speeds up the process of softening the fondant but it will get sticker and will lead to more icing sugar.


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