Last Lesson of Term One (11)

We are more or less sure that we have progressed well and decided to go ahead for next term. We have paid for the second term last week and looking forward to learn more new stuff in term 2.

Today lesson was all about revision and only two little girls attended the lesson. One girl will not join us for next term as because the timing crashed with their church service. Crystal was not here today too. The family went Malaysia for short trip.

After the class, we decided to go J8 for dinner. D wanted to reward Yvette for good behaviour.

I managed to convince her not to do Sand Art as we have that at home so Yvette did Paint Art before our dinner.

She was definitely more willing to listen to my coaching over how she did her art. She used to squeeze many paint out and mess out the whole master piece but this round she is very co-operative.

Music 11 - IMG_0117

She had chosen this piece of art that given instruction on what colour to use. I find this is a better choice if not she will anyhow apply the colour as she wished!

Music 11 - IMG_0118

This round she took her art work serious and kept examining the colour to use and here’s the end result. And this is her 11th piece of Paint Art. (First piece was done 1.5 years back.)

Music 11 - IMG_0131

We headed dinner after her work and she was a happy child waiting for her pizza. (Strangely she agreed to eat pizza today.) We supposed to meet SIL for dinner but she didn’t turned up and we visited her after our dinner at Bishan.

Music 11 - IMG_0119


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