It’s About Another 2 Weeks….

Oh this entry will not be about Polling days… it’s about Yvette’s birthday. She is turning to 3 in another 2 weeks. For this round, we are not going to throw any party for her. Although her cousins, my SIL, even my brother and sister asking me what Yvette needs for this birthday, I told them to save money. She really has too many toys, books, clothing and nothing less.

We have ordered cake for her and even brought her her birthday present months ago. I have gotten her goodies bag really but yet to be wrapped up by me. We only want to celebrate her birthday in school with her friends where she is looking very very forward to and bring her out in the afternoon with Stella. (Hopefully no change for this outing.)

Another 2 weeks - IMG_1303

The goodies bag!

My sister who loves her too much had brought up her birthday present for her a week back and now sitting in the room waiting to be opened.

Another 2 weeks - IMG_0144

As for us, we had brought her birthday present so many months back. We are very sure she will love it very very much.

Another 2 weeks - IMG_0145

We hope she will enjoy this birthday with us and now it is time for us to count down for it!


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