A Resident’s Testimony about Chiam See Tong and Potong Pasir

Something you might not know.

I gotten permission to publish this: –

From Jenny Ong:

I think I must say this about Mr Chiam ST after living in Potong Pasir for coming 12 years…

Mr Chiam is really a man with a heart for the people that are under his charge.

Thus far, I have never paid a single cent- not even 1 cent for all the things he had done for my estate. He did..

  1. lift upgrading( not every level though but i…t’s good enough cuz he changed for us a new n bigger lift )
  2. fire hydrant door
  3. carpark upgrading
  4. painting for my block
  5. change pipe( sewage )
  6. jogger track( he overlaid the pavement as it was an uneven track)
  7. covered walkway ( no fear of rain snow or hail!)
  8. re- cementing every level !

For all these, I think I’m grateful to him cuz with whatever limited n little fund that he has, he did what he could do for the residents of potong Pasir. He is really a politician from the alternate voice that I respect.

My husband said our conservancy rate is one of the lowest in spore, maybe it’s true.. We r paying $49.90 monthly (4 rooms flat).

Ok, a few days ago, we received a pamphlet from PAP Sitoh who informed us that my block is selected for LUP (lift upgrade for every floor) and if majority vote for it , i have to co- pay 7.5% of the cost. Hmm…. With PAP in the picture , does it = pay and pay literally? (Ariel adds, “in case you don’t know, all lift upgrading and extra-room-upgrading is co-pay)

NOW I think it is clearer why Potong Pasir’s Resident voted Mr Chiam in!


One thought on “A Resident’s Testimony about Chiam See Tong and Potong Pasir

  1. I have read this on FB, and all I have to say is that I have tremendous respect for Mr Chiam. He really has the heart for the country, and is humble and passionate about what he does… I hope the Bishan/TPY people do vote wisely! 🙂

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