Nomination Day & I Am Going to Vote!

I am happy really happy. Being a Singaporean for 33 years, finally I have my right to vote. (Beside baking at home, the coming GE keeps me very very occupied!)

I get very interested with politics since I started to blog back in 2006 that’s when the last GE took place. I went to the largest crowd rally of WP and that moved my heart. I understand that we should always take care of ourselves in General but GOVT. will be the one taking care of us during difficult times. No?

Since then I been reading more news about politics online rather depend on the mainstream.

Vote -  IMG_0082

I have never met my MP before after staying in TPY for more than 10 years. For D, he who has been staying in TPY for 30 over years and he (we) met our MP for the first time last Saturday. (Oh our Yvette is lucky, all MPs come forward to her and said hi to her last Saturday.) Perhaps we have no fate with our MPs even they do walk around… but seriously no.. I/We have never seen them around.

Thanks for Mr Chiam who (has been using this humble cubicle to serve his constituents every Thursday for the past 27 years) is willing to forgo his comfort zone and come forward giving me a chance to vote. Casting our vote (yes, D also never vote before) are exercising our rights as a citizen.

Does the existing government realise there is a need to relook into all the policies laid down? Our government runs our country like corporation. Our country is measured by GDP growth. And this KPI is leaving all the poor behind. No safety net for the poor. (Although many Mps emphasis they know who are the needy? Do they really know? Hmmmm…)

Oh well.

Taking housing as example. I am surprise so many of us is worry about asset enhancement if Opposition steps into the parliament. I thought a house is supposed to be a roof over the head and it should never never use it as asset. I know Singaporean is lucky that we do “own” our house but then we will only OWN it when we are 50? 60? or even 70? Still we are lucky because MBT said Singapore is the only country has the highest number home owner?!?!

And yes, we didn’t face housing problem when we tied a knot 10 years back. And the location I am staying now is the prime HDB estate in Singapore. We have never worry about upgrading. It is not because for so long, we are in the heavy weighted PAP’s ward  but it is because TPY is located at one of the strategy  location in Singapore. Do you think Government will stop building flat in TPY even it is taken care by Opposition? Do anyone happen to know they enblock Blk 79 and built (think is 5) more flats and anyone know what is the revenue? And do anyone happen to know the selling price of The Pig Peak (BTO)? Please don’t think you can sell away your flats and buy a flat in TPY easily. The COV in TPY is S$60k to S$80K!!!

I know we didn’t face much child care issue when we need to send my girl to school. But then I wouldn’t agree we have no issue at all.

Government wants the mothers to work, so they provide us with Maid Levy and Child care subsidiary. And they have did not have any other solutions besides these two options which do come with BIG problem too.

Who don’t know maids give tones of problem?

As for Child Care, I have no other alternative if Yvette falls sick. There is no one to look after her.

I know life is not meant to be a bed of roses, I know I would have to work hard. I know I can’t depend on govt. But then isn’t it Govt’s job to look after us? And this pains my heart – How come there is only 2,350,873 voters in Singapore for this election but we have a population of 5 million?

I grown up knowing PAP is good because they are helping us. But how come my heart is swaying away.

My vote should go to someone who will care and really cares! And do PAP really care anymore? It is obvious where my vote will be….

P/S: I draft this on the Nomination day and just too lazy to publish because I have yet updating those post-dated post!

23 thoughts on “Nomination Day & I Am Going to Vote!

  1. Last time, Yishun was under opposition. I was not in the opposition ward though. There was no polyclinic, but I was very happy bc I went to the very old Maternal & childhealth clinic in sembawang. No QUEUES!!!!!!!!!!! But once PAP took over and the building designated for polyclinic finally became a polyclinic, the sembawang clinic was closed down, and there were queues at Yishun polyclinic. ;(

    • Have you ever come to NTUC during Peak hour in TPY? I tell you, the queue is killing.

      It is getting too packed really too packed. I can’t imagine when when the resident from The Peak and Trevista move in!

  2. Why would I ever want to go to your NTUC. ;P

    There’s a reason why I don’t do shopping during peak hours. I just cannot take queues. So I don’t do sales either. Nor exhibitions that are crowded.

  3. sunflower,

    i agree with u, and feel happy that u can vote!!

    we “own”our hse now, but we will only owned the hse when we old, may be that time, we cant retire, coz we have no money in our cpf to retire, so we have to work..(may be till die)
    we pay so much of money for our “affordable HDB”, and we have to fight with foreigner for our affordable hse, thank you to Mr. mbs. we pay so much for coe, car, and erp..once again, thank you
    they want more bb, they wants mother to work, but no one to help us to takecare of bb..they said you can have maid to help u, we give u subsidise, but they increase maid salary and levy.

    thank you again..

  4. It’s a meritocratic society, that’s why. Maybe in the end, you’ll find that you can repay your HDB loan much faster than you thought? I know friends who have, even tho we are still paying ours – altho’, much to dh’s delight, he just announced recently that we are almost done with the loan, after 15years. And ours is a resale flat.

  5. whether we can done with our loan in 15, 20 years it depend on when you bought your flat..if i bought my resale flat 5 years ago, may be we can pay our loan within 15 or 20 years..but too bad, the price of HDB is too high recent year..don talk abt COV, the price of the valuation is already “tian jia”, how abt renovation cost?may be can take another loan?

  6. Not so easy to take loan for renovation right? Must have “money”, then can borrow money, as in salary v high. Bc generally renovation loan is an unsecured loan so banks very cautious about approving.

    I guess buy direct from HDB is still cheaper. When we bought ours, already S$400K+ and had S$50k over valuation cash payment even *sigh*. We never had the chance to buy direct from HDB bc have to wait so long. If not, can gain from the profit! Now don’t even make a cent – so no asset enhancement in reality.

  7. hi sunflower,

    i am also very excited about voting this coming GE.
    Used to be politically apathetic , and went to PAP kindy, grew up thinking life was pretty good n smooth… which it was when i was a single working girl, living with parents in our hdb…

    now that i’m married with 2 kids, and still hvn’t owned our first home, and feeling the squeeze of human traffic when go out of house, even to nearby ntuc, and dun even like to take mrt as always so crowded and pp dun give way even if u r strggling with toddler n infant, and seeing so many foreigners invading even our housing estates and playgrounds, so now i am also starting to pay A LO T of attention of our political parties and of cos, the only place to get unbiased reports is not mainstream newspaper.

    so much has changed in last 5 years that even a SAHM like me who rarely ventures out of home unless i can’t help it, can feel the change and i dislike it!. It doesn’t feel like the singapore i grew up in, and i am not referring to the progress we have made. I do feel like a 2nd class citizen in my own home, sadly.

    To think that my hubby and i were so happy to come back home to be 1st class citizens after a working stint overseas where we felt like 2nd class citizens , but now we still feel like 2nd class in our own home country…
    this is so heartbreaking, what happened to my singapore??

    • I can fully understand how you feel. I feel the same too. The crowd in my neighborhood put me off. I dislike heading to TPY central during weekends and hardly I am there too. Imagine there are two NTUC in TPY and yet the crowds are still driving me nut.

      How sad when I read your comment where you feel you are 2nd class citizen…

  8. I happened to relocate to KL 3 years back (after marriage & pregnancy). Mostly keep in touch with S’pore updates via online media. I visit home several times a year and yet can feel the flood of foreigners.

    Especially irking is this PRC old man at our block who collects junk, stores tonnes of garbage in common corridor and makes loud noises banging tin cans at the stairway. He’s giving me a culture shock at my home country!

    And a really visionary leader should move the country in a direction where many mothers need not feel the “must” to work, and have sufficient support when they must work. We’re far from kampong days when family support is strong. Women depend a lot on themselves to take care of children and household. We need to push for work-life balance and more compassionate employers to families. And we need the government’s help to push for these.

    Singapore is currently too focused on economics, profits, income, grades, etc. at the expense of a balance in life. In the end, many of us will burn-out and suffer…

    • Yes… sadly our country is focusing too much on GDP growth. And definitely agree with you many of us will burn-out at the end of the day. And sadly at the end of the day, we work and work, save and save but nothing is left….

  9. A really visionary leader should move a country in a direction where the economy will prosper and majority of the citizens have ability to support themselves through jobs and savings. ‘Balance of life’ comes with a cost and that cost has to be paid for by someone. Countries with sustainable models that strongly support work-life balance and allow majority of mothers to stay home for extended period after child-births all have much higher personal taxes and Value-added tax, which is similar to our GST to pay for the costs. Are we willing to pay 40% tax rate?

    • I will believe there are many ways to fund our “Balance of life”. I am not against GST but I am against our MP getting big pay and fat bonus. I believe saving in this area will have some “access”. And govt has collected many other “taxes” in many area such as Road Tax, ERP (another form of tax in my eye). Tax the rich and help the poor. I don’t agree 40% tax rate on the poor.

      I feel and want an educated person who is honest, interested to serve the people, have a heart and ears & is able to think independently to be my MP! I don’t see there is need so many scholars in the Parliament.

      Anyway, in Singapore there are not many people like me and yourself (although you run your own business) to stay at home. Many women work for their lives. As such the influx of foreigners add more woes to women at the age range of 35 to 40 who are going for maternity leave worry they might lost their job after they are away. How sad.

  10. Road tax and other taxes are collected and use for funding different policies. Our personal income tax rates, subsidies, handouts are all part of the ‘package’ to tax the rich and help the poor. The question is to how much more can we tax the rich and distribute the collected amount towards the poor?

    While having scholars in Parliament do not necessarily translate into effective and efficient policymaking and implementation, having laymen who simply scream at rallies that they have a heart and desire to serve the people also don’t win my votes. Without proposing credible plans and ways to fund them is akin to making empty promises.

    One of the main reasons there will be competition and influx of cheaper skilled foreigners is because Singaporeans shun certain jobs and in jobs which they take up, they demand higher pay, shorter hours and better this and that… and Singaporeans job hop at the slightest opportunity. From a company’s point of view, it is easy to decide who to hire to meet the productivity goals. If we shut out or add severe restrictions to foreigners,or insisting that company must hire local first, we are creating a high-cost-low-productivity business environment and the companies will exit Singapore. That means eventual more loss of jobs for Singaporeans.

    The worry for working mothers is not invalid. But the short-sighted solution , as proposed by some, is to shut out or restrict foreign talents. The long-term solution is to help the economic need of the struggling ones and at the same time provide them with opportunities to upgrade and some education to be less picky in the work that come by.

    • Well, I feel it doesn’t need to bang on taxes. They can lower our HDB price – as of today, nobody knows how our HDB is being priced. Lower transportation cost, again I forgotten why government refuse to nationalise. Maybe you can tell me.

      I agree with you – “having laymen who simply scream at rallies that they have a heart and desire to serve the people also don’t win my votes.” And that makes me wonder why we need MM Lee and SM Goh. If in the past MM Lee can run a country without MM & SM then I will expect PM Lee to do the same. Moreover PM Lee is son of MM Lee, and I believe PM Lee will be better. Just like you and I believe our child will outshine us.

      I read from mainstream papers foreigners are taking up job as lawyer, doctor, teachers and Accountant. It is no longer on cheaper skill job like cleaner, construction workers, etc. And I agree with you, restrict foreign talents are short term solution but not all working mum have the time to upgrade.

      I know it is still voice down to personal choice of what we want ourselves to be. It is up to us to lead our own life. I never agree we should stop working and making our government feeding us when we are old. Upgrading our skill constantly to keep us up to date is always a must.

      I never want to be mushroom. In fact for the past one week, I have gone for 3 interviews although I am “supposed” to stay at home to rest more. I want to stay at home like you to nurture my child but then I see no sense to stay full time at home just for one child and do feeling bitter over I can’t conceive easily. I blame no one for it because after all it is my life and I should take full control over it. I am glad I am lucky to spend almost 3 years full time with Yvette and my hubby could handle the bill.

      All of us want better life. No one want to rock the boat if it has really been stabilised….

  11. It will benefit first-time buyers to purchase a lowly priced flat, but when we are already homeowners, especially when we are still servicing mortgages, will it really benefit us to lower the value of HDB flats now? So there are two groups of people to contend with and different policies should be in place to benefit both groups.

    I didn’t follow the argument on transport cost though it has been going north for the longest time I can remember. That said, having lived overseas for a while, I also think that our transport cost is one of the lowest compared to other developed countries. So while it goes up for different reasons cited, it isn’t the key issue to focus on for me. Besides, there are different kinds of problems when the transportation system is nationalized.

    Like it or not, MM and SM will be around for as long as the ruling party stays. Having them around doesn’t mean PM Lee is less capable.

    Highly skilled foreigners have been in various industries taking up PMEB jobs for over a decade. Again, it is a question of availability of local talents with equal or better qualifications/experience to do the same job well. The govt’s job is to attract MNCs to set up operations here, to bring in foreign direct investment and to create jobs in the process, up our productivity and GDP. To do so, if it means the MNCs want to hire an American manager because that guy can produce better results due to experience/background, should our govt intervene and tell them they must hire local first or they can only x foreigner managers/accountants for every Singaporean they hire? If the MNCs can find the same in local talent pool, why wouldn’t they, especially if it means cheaper HR cost and still deliver same level of profitability. Let’s face it, MNCs and conglomerates are here for the profits. The day Singapore loses our competitive edge, these big corporations can simply relocate to Shanghai, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Middle East. In another 10 years, India will be ready for an even bigger share. Like everyone else in every part of the world, we want better life, less work and more time, more purchasing power, more freedom of speech, cheaper cost of living, stability yet less spending on defence budget and shorter NS etc… etc… At some point, something got to give. There is always a cost to pay. What are we willing to pay? How much are we willing to sacrifice? Sorry for the rant and what seems like a debate with you. It is unintentional and I’ve certainly nothing against you having your own views. But before Saturday, I just hope people would exercise their choice with a little more caution – do we want to throw the baby out with the bath water?

    • Perhaps my views are shortsighted. To me, for the benefit of our child in the future I don’t mind my house value depreciated. After all home is house not asset for enhancement. (Waiting for ppl to throw egg at me!!!)

      Transportation is the cheapest no doubt but I feel something can be done for the poor. More subsidiary?

      More about the poor. (I took this from my friend’s FB)

      “Rather than cut salaries, I propose stipulating politicians to donate salaries in excess of $1mil (or whatever the consensus is) to a charity which they will champion and manage. This will help keep their feet firmly plants on the ground. This “care and serve” programme will literally put the money where the mouth is with regard to serving the people of Singapore. Workable?”

      No I don’t think PM Lee is less capable. The point is having both of them around are drawing a lot of money from the public. Oh well.. I know we don’t have a choice here.

      I read too much about influx of foreign talents. My take again another shallow view –

      1. IF they are threatening to local.
      2. IF they are taking up too much space in Sg.

      Then I rather to have a slower moving country than no space to breathe!

      Oh well, don’t need to feel sorry. As you have mentioned, everyone has choice and they need to think not only for themselves but to other too. And we can’t keep the baby in the water, always.

      Politics is BIG topic. Too much school of thoughts. This will be my last reply to you. Hehe.. I barely passed my economic you know.


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