2 Weeks After D&C

I was back to my gynae this morning for ultrascan after my D&C which was done two weeks ago. Situation as per he had predicted – Cavity Empty.

2 wks After D&C - IMG_0128

According to my blood test result, my HCG level has dropped from 89,637.5 on 09th April to 6077.4 on 15 April to 532.8 on 21st April 2011 respectively.

I still need to be monitored by blood test which I have to do on this coming Friday till it drop to less than 5. The reading has to be consistent for 2 consecutive blood test and then I can only be monitored for 2 weeks basis. I can’t remember how long, eg, a month or two for blood test to be done on 2 weeks basis then move to be on monthly basis. Again the reading need to be less than 5 for 3 consecutive month then I am consider fully recover.

Honestly, it is no fun to to do blood test every week. Sometimes I am badly “affected” by the test. I do feel sorry for myself from time to time. But nevertheless, I know I am the lucky one as it was detected timely that will not cause any harm to me now.

After the check up, we (D was with me) met up my bff, Jovise for lunch. It been a long time we have not met up. We have good time catching up and after our lunch we went for shopping spree and D went back to office to work.

2 wks After D&C - IMG_0099

I gotten myself a new range of skin care. Thanks Govt. giving out Grow Package so that I can afford a new range of skin care to rescue my skin. (My skin is in such a bad stage since Year 2 of breastfeeding. It is time to save them.)

2 wks After D&C - IMG_0102

I hope it will work!


2 thoughts on “2 Weeks After D&C

    • Yes thanks. I wonder when we can meet up again. I believe F will definitely throw party for C. Hope to see you there. Hmmmm must check with her whether she will invite us. haha..

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