Building The Sand Castles

Sand Castles - IMG_0095

We are missing Beach. And taking this long weekend as opportunity, I decided not visit my mum (because I need “cool down period” too), I told D I wanted to bring Yvette to beach. (It been more than 3 months since our last trip to ECP.)

Yvette was elated with this decision.

We didn’t plan to let Yvette miss her afternoon but knowing she will not nap till much later part of the afternoon. So when we were there (supposed to join my sister but they decided to left ECP to go bowling.), it was already close to 2 pm.

We managed to reach the bench at 2 pm in the afternoon where the sun is not too hot and shades are available.

Sand Castles - IMG_0093

Yvette was really co-operative and really enjoy the sand play today. She has never scared of sand and water before.

When it was about 3 pm. We decided one hour soaking under the hot sun was enough and we should head somewhere. We packed up and noticed Yvette was still very alert unfortunately. At the same time I received call from my sister asking me to join them for dinner.

Initially I agreed to join her but then after discussion, we dropped the idea.

Knowing that Yvette will definitely “take advantage” when there are more people around her. That put us off. So instead of joining them, we went to the hawker center in ECP to have snack before we headed home.

Ordered some Satay, drinks and a plate of vegetable. Strange combination but these are our favourite. Yvette loves Kailan very much and easily she can finish half a plate of Kailan all by herself.

Sand Castles - IMG_0519

After our meal, we managed to hop on the cab and brought us back home before it started to rain!

P/S: From time to time we learn how to handle Yvette’s tantrum and as I have mentioned before, to avoid (how the tantrum will blow off) is one of the best method to deal with a child. We often discuss how to deal with this little monster when she misses her nap. And this round we won this “battle” sweetly. She got on bed at around 8 pm and slept thru the night. We didn’t experience any single tantrum when we were back home. Phew!


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