Lesson After Music (Lesson 10)

I think we have made it. We have managed to track down her meltdown problem due to tiredness. The routine seemed to work well for the past 2 lessons. Another 2 more lesson to go before this term ends.

Yes, my post for her music lesson will be more about how we spent our day more than updating what was taught or perhaps from time to time I will update what she has learnt. (I know Mac personally and I will not disclose how the lesson is being conduct because I respect Mac as my friend and the principle of the school just like I did for the lapbook lesson that I sent Yvette to.)

So far, Yvette has taught to recognise some musical symbols. The patterns on the piano. Generally she does look forward to go to the class.

This round D is getting smarter. He ensures I go class with Yvette and of course this round Yvette chosen me. Participation rate went up too. She was 80% involve. Great news… money well spent!?!?

After the class, we proceeded to Marina Square for our dinner and found out the food court will be closed for half a year!!!

Music 9 - IMG_0084

Then we Sakae Sushi to have our dinner. Continentally, we are still sitting at the same table and Yvette on the baby chair from Safety 1st. It is just a waste I never took down any picture of her. We were too busy eating then!

After our meal, we decided to go John Little as they are having 20% offer. Yvette often runs around in the mall without waiting for us. And sometimes we might even “lose” her for a second or two because we can’t catch up with her. So this round, after discussion, we decided to “teach her the 皮皮狗 – 妈妈不见了”.

I continued with my shopping and D carried out the task.

It really TOOK Yvette awhile to realise that she lost us. She was like 皮皮狗 running up and down the mall looking for us. And that’s really a point D really lost her. Then D appeared around the area she searched for us and checked with the Sales Assistant where Yvette had gone to? (Someone had carried her to the Customer Service.)

Yvette was finally picked up from customer service by D about 2-3 mins later. (D was really guilty over it. Bad me.) Although Yvette was crying when she was handled to me but then she was smiling again after 5 mins.


Music 9 - IMG_0086

When we back home, we reminded her about the incident and indeed brought some tear close to her eye. But we wonder will she remember?

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