We Were Off For My 3rd Round of Blood Test

Yes, I meant “We”!

Yvette’s school was closed today for Teachers’ Training. I actually got to know it when I picked Yvette from school yesterday. (I should have printed a copy of the calendar given by the school and paste it on our wall to make sure I do “inform” over the holidays. Hmmmm…)

So the initial plan of going for facial, then maybe Pedi after the blood test were now have to scrape. Looking at D’s schedule, it was also hard for D to accompany us. Not wanting to post phone the blood test to Saturday, I called my niece for help. Luckily both my younger niece and her brother were having holiday (before their exam).

Phew! Problem solved.

Both of them followed us to Glen E in the morning.

Yvette was in good mood today. No school, how’s nice! I managed to feed her one slice of cake before we hop on cab to the hospital. I went up to Dr Chan’s clinic to make payment before proceeded to the centre for blood test. (Clinic at Level 3, the blood test centre at Level 2.) My niece helped me to look after Yvette while I went into another room for the test.

It was a very quick one. I came out less than 3 mins and throughout my absent, Yvette was very very co-operative. She was very occupied with the Maths Activity Book that we brought along.

Being an observant child, she soon spotted my arm was covered with little piece of Adhesive tape. I told her I just had a blood test and Mummy was feeling painful now. So I can’t remove this tape for now.

Kind enough and this came as a surprise, Yvette “willingly” accepted the fact she won’t be carried by me and she got to walk all by herself. (Yvette always prefer to be carried than to walk by herself.) We walked all our way from Glen E to Tanglin Shopping Mall for lunch.

I’ve been wanting to try Nandos after reading Lazymummy’s recommendation many months back. So I decided to settle our lunch there with my niece and nephew for their time and effort.

3rd blood test - IMG_0043

These are the food we ordered and shared. (I forgotten to take a picture for the Salad I have ordered for myself.) We didn’t ordered their signature dish (chicken) because we realised it might be too much for us. I ordered the kid meal for Yvette. She managed to finish the corn, one drumstick and some fruits.

3rd blood test - IMG_0040

3rd blood test - IMG_0041

After lunch, we shopped around the mall and I encountered one meltdown from Yvette. She wanted to get Cola flavour Lollipop which I refused to give in. I used the counting method on her and it works wonder for now. We then went to the supermarket to get some stuffs. In the end I brought one tub of ice cream for the 3 “kids” to share at the food court before we headed home.

3rd blood test - IMG_0045


3 thoughts on “We Were Off For My 3rd Round of Blood Test

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    • Lizzie,

      It is actually on the last monthly update post

      “When the meltdown kicks off, I will start to count from 1 to 20 then I tell her breathe in breathe out. Then I will use my hand to smooth her back and I will continue to tell her calm down calm down. If she continue to cry, I will count again. Sometimes her whining really affect my thought and I will start to count wrongly. Then out of the sudden, she will stop and correct my counting.”

      Hope the above will able to help you.

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