We Have Ashlyn For PlayDate

I wanted to make a trip to visit Wendy and Ashlyn after the blood test but Wendy decided she will come over my place again because her neighbour house was having major renovation.

Yvette was still sleeping when they were here. Ashlyn wasn’t convinced by us that Yvette was sleeping and I brought her to our room to “look” at Yvette. Ashlyn reluctantly accepted the fact she got to wait for Yvette to wake up and I kept her occupied by the Art & Craft I brought from the spree.

I can understand how much Ashlyn wanted to play with Yvette. Although Yvette like Velda but they “can’t” really play together. Hmmm and Yvette doesn’t really like to play with Zac… awwww… I feel bad ya Stella!

But for Ashlyn, it is a different ball game. They could play and communicate well. Ashlyn also likes to listen to Yvette. (haha… I wonder what had convinced Ashlyn to listen to this little sister.) Ashlyn also learn to share much with Yvette too.

Finally much wait, I went to wake Yvette up at 5 pm in the evening. They started to have so much fun together including making pizza. (Yvette didn’t want to do it. It was actually Ashlyn’s pizza in this post.)

Ashlyn - IMG_0047

Ashlyn - IMG_0057

This picture is very blur but then I love their laughter!

Ashlyn - IMG_0063

I love Yvette's cheeky look here!

I love the accompany and again, I hope to visit them real soon.

P/S: Wendy thanks for your thought and your kind token. Enjoy your trip and hope to visit your place after your trip.


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