Yvette: 2 yrs 11 mths (35 mths)

34 mths - IMG_1295

Yvette turned 35 mths on 13.04.11 and she is one month shy from her 3rd birthday. Time really waits for no man and we really miss her as a baby. Sadly due to my recent miscarriage, I will not be able to give her a sibling soon and I am not sure I will try after my gynae give me the green light.

34 mths - DSC06048

Yvette was 5.5 hours old

WE  finally found one way to counter attack her meltdown. This is not totally new but somehow it works well for now. (Perhaps she really like counting and numbers a lot.) When the meltdown kicks off, I will start to count from 1 to 20 then I tell her breathe in breathe out. Then I will use my hand to smooth her back and I will continue to tell her calm down calm down. If she continue to cry, I will count again. Sometimes her whining really affect my thought and I will start to count wrongly. Then out of the sudden, she will stop and correct my counting.

Oh well.

Maths is her favourite subject now. I often see her reading her activity book by herself and attempt to work on it. She can read the instructions well and do the activity by her own (except those that require a lot of writing). And I am very proud of her ability to grasp hold of the Maths concept and learn them fast.  Of course being able to read helps in understanding the question better. But undeniably I have been neglecting the language department.  I will need to work hard on it now. (I will have a separate entry to cover her learning milestone till up to 3 yo.)

34 mths - IMG_0008

34 mths - IMG_0011

For the past two months (32 to 33 mths), we constantly seeing Yvette taking initiative to feed herself even when we dined out. For the past one month (34 mths), she was actually feeding herself for almost every meal. I give the credit to the school who has taught her so well in this area.

34 mths - IMG_0428

I also wanted to give credit to her Chinese Teacher who also had taught her well in griping the pencil and she started to write more and more. Of course again, she is writing more of 1,2,3 than A,B,C. She could write 1 to 7 now. Of course not forgetting the zero. She is trying hard for 8 & 9.

I don’t deny I am not that strict (now) over sweets, chocolate and even ice cream. But sometimes she will surprise us when her mood is not right. We definitely can’t use those to buy her mood all the time. And even she eat them often, she knows she can’t ask for more. For ice cream, she only eat like 3-4 mouthful then she will stop. She wants to eat the core more than the real stuff!

34 mths - IMG_0747

D was trying to make her happier by giving her ice cream. But in the end she only ate two mouth and it was D who finished the whole ice cream. No wonder we started to put on weight faster!

My girl can be very simple too. She loves wholemeal bread. She can easily eat one of slice with her favourite Jam – Nutella.

34 mths - IMG_0484

And she really loves those Yellow noodles a lot a lot. She can have them for Breakfast, Lunch and even Dinner!

Although my girl has many many toys. But she does stay faithful with just one. The kitchen set I brought for her birthday is a must play toy for her even till today. She remains very faithful to the kitchen set at Ikea too.

34 mths - IMG_0753

One of the interesting quirks and behaviours changes (and habits) for 34 mths is she will lift up her leg and cross it as she sits on her stroller… only on stroller.

34 mths - IMG_0481

Lastly here are some snippets on how Yvette spent her 34 mths in general…

I am doctor Yvette!

34 mths - IMG_1104

Rather than spending her time doing the Paint Art with me, she started to arrange those paints in sequence.

34 mths - IMG_1118

We believe she had definitely put on weight and grows taller. I will take the measurement for the final update when she is 3 yo.


3 thoughts on “Yvette: 2 yrs 11 mths (35 mths)

  1. Hi, i missed your earlier posts and had no idea that you were going thru such a hard time few weeks back. I hope you’re feeling better, think positive, im sure things will start to look brighter soon!

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