More Art @ Home

I find some way to make our “Art” Lesson at home more fun, less preparation work from me. I order all these art material from this spree. Now I even can tell Yvette, we can have sand art at home. (Eg. Sand art cost S$5.50 to S$6.50 at the shop. From spree, it only cost me S$1.50.)

Sand Art – I brought those boxes from shop to keep those sand neatly. These boxes only cost me S$2.30 for 10. When we do the sand art, I will need to take out the tray to place below those box to avoid accident.

More Art - IMG_0002

More Art - IMG_0003

Foam Art Kit – Yvette loves this. This only cost me S$2.50 per set. It is just like her sticker book except in 3D form.

More Art - IMG_0004

More Art - IMG_0006

The last one we haven’t tried. This is $S1.70. We have on sticker book teaching the same concept and Yvette doesn’t really like it.

More Art - IMG_0005

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