The “Needed” Confinement

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My mum came to help me on the confinement but only for 3 days. I know I am not being grateful but I really couldn’t stand her hygiene. I constantly need to watch out how she prepares food. And from time to time I found wire from the washing sponge during food preparation. She used the knife to stir the food in the wok. She cut without much caution. I stressed up. I asked her to go back. She doesn’t like me to point out her mistake too. Sigh it is best she go back and I be on my own. I really didn’t want end up quarrelling with her daily. I don’t have so much energy for that.

Then also, I wanted to cater food for this period but then looking at the pricing, it scares me off. IT IS SO EXPENSIVE. Since we already know the date of the procedure, I packed the necessary the night before and went to the market early in the morning.

Confinement - IMG_1289

So during these period, I follow 50% of confinement rules.

I eat confinement food; Ginger, red dates drink; tonic to strengthen my body. (Ok I do love all these food.)

I bath with herbal and only once a day. Blow my hair dry immediately and wear long pant. And I will do this for 14 days.

Confinement - IMG_0014

This herbal is good. The smell is good and the bag doesnt break even you try to squeeze the herb out of the bag to make the bathing water more concentrated.

I try not to do heavy chores and try not to carry Yvette.

I break the 50%.

I send Yvette to school everyday with stroller and I was out of the house everyday. I need to be out to do the blood test too.

I touch water everyday. How can don’t touch water? Need to wash hand after toilet trip right? What about cleaning Yvette?

I need to cook even when my mum was here with me. My mum is a home-maker but then she is not a “good” one.  I think I cook good and delicious confinement food too. Maybe one day, I can be Day Time confinement lady.

I only busy in the morning. Cooking and do some basic cleaning. In the afternoon, I am on my bed. Resting and sleeping.

D is great help. Without him, I might not be here blogging now. He paid off all my medical bill which didn’t come cheap. I am not sure I can claim insurance. I will try to submit the claim and let the insurance company decides. (Molar Pregnancy is really very rare in Singapore.)

As for my job, the employment contract was terminate right on the spot after I told my boss about my miscarriage. I lost all the “earned leave” because I worked for only 3 months not 4 months. I don’t know this is blessing or this is reality.

So now I am resting at home and seeking treatment.

I hope I will be fine. I really hope….

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16 thoughts on “The “Needed” Confinement

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  3. Oh, that’s why you can rest – about work, I mean. There’s always some purpose in things that happen in life, altho’ I myself keep trying to find the reaons too! Hope you are coping well. Need help – just let me know!

    I didn’t even have confinement when I had my miscarriage (was it 7 years ago?). And for that one, we actually saw a moving baby.

      • Really ah? So you not doing confinement anymore? I can always be nearby. Are you talking about early lunch? (eg. 11am) Or real lunchtime (between 1230-2pm kind of timing? Very crowded generally?

        anyway, I didn’t do confinement foods last time bc I didn’t want all the cooking smells in my house and didn’t want to let MIL know.

        • Still doing lah.. but dont need every meal must eat confinement food one right.. And I only plan to do for 14 days.. it about 14 days liao…

          Tomorrow I can’t. Heading to Hospital to do blood test. Next week, Tues check up. The rest should be fine. Can go for early lunch lah.. if you want.. text me earlier…

  4. hi,

    i am not sure if this helps, but if your dr helps write letter say it is not really pregnancy since there was no fetus, will you retain your job?

    anyway, i never followed confinement rules for my 2 deliveries… still bathe
    twice a day n wash hair everyday!

    weather so hot, hygiene more important.

    confinement rules arose from northern china where it was winter most of the year so it made sense to keep warm etc…

    but our ancestors migrated to sunny singapore!
    and no medical evidence there are any ill effects of not following…
    otherwise other non chinese or caucasians would be down with?
    so dun get too stressed .

    take care!

    • Haha.. I think likewise. There is no medical evidence that there will be any ill effects of not following the confinement rule, especially touching water!

      Thanks for your suggestion. I am actually fine to lose that job. ops…

  5. Remember, our offer for grocery shopping/errand running still stands ok! Just text!

    Totally understand about your mum… my mum seems to be the same too (she complains I’m too fussy and she horrifies me with her hygiene etc). And if you’d ever be a confinement nanny, I’d hire you on the spot!

    Take care ok? Hang in there, hugs!

    • Haha.. Jus, I don’t need ppl to run errand for me. Maybe I can pop by to scrap since I so free at home now.

      I will think twice again on taking up the job offer as confinement nanny! haha

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