The Treatment

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This site will explain the treatment I am taking right now better.


If the pregnancy has not ended on its own a suction D & C is usually used to evacuate the mole form the uterus. If a woman does not wish to continue with childbearing sometimes a hysterectomy is offered. Induction of labor is not recommended do to increased risks of hemorrhage.

On going treatment includes hCG levels to be taken several times a week, then weekly, until they are “normal” for three weeks. Then you will be tested monthly for six months, and every two months until a total of one year has passed. Pelvic exams should be done too. A rising level of hCG and an enlarging uterus could indicate a Choriocarcinoma.

Pregnancy should be avoided for the period of one year. Any method of birth control, with the exception of an intrauterine device, is acceptable.

If you are Rh negative, then you will also receive the Rhogam shot.

The treatment - IMG_1293

I was scheduled for procedure to evacuate the mole form the uterus immediately right after my first scan. As I was sent for a blood test right from the first scan, the result of my first blood was horrifying. My hCG level was  89,637.5 which was ridiculously high!

On Tuesday morning which was two days ago, I went back to Dr Chan Clinic at Glen E for the procedure. I was under GA when it was performed. Everything was done in less than 15 to 20 mins according to the nurse in the clinic. I was in the deep sleep for about another half an hour.

I tried to be very calm but deep inside me, I was really very frighten. I could feel the fear is all over me. As much I didn’t want to go through this ordeal, I have to accept this cruel fact. The wait in Theatre beside his main room where he sees most of his patients was killing me. I feel like running out from his clinic but I know that will never be the solution to this loss.

Finally he came in after another 20 mins.

When I was up, I was bleeding, heavily. I was very pale according to D. But I was still able to walk. We had lunch in the hospital before heading home.

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