The Discovery

For the past two weeks I was feeling extremely fatigue. I don’t have any energy at all. Most of the time at the end of the day, after Yvette has slept, I want to rest too. That explains why I didn’t have time to blog.

I also notice my menses didn’t visit me. But that doesn’t seem to bother me. I was under tremendous stress coping the dual role thus I feel missing the period is pretty normal. But I do see spotting on and off. Then week after my closing, I started to feel nausea and couldn’t stand some smell that came along.

Soon I suspected I might be “really” pregnant because I finally had the “heartburn” feeling when I was expecting Yvette after our 11th Anniversary Celebration on Sunday (3rd April 11).

In the evening, I went up to my mum place and shared my experience with me SIL. As my SIL was trying for baby too, she passed me the pregnancy kit to test.

And Tata, here’s the result.

Recovery - IMG_1246

I never see such two solid red lines before. I recalled when I was expecting Yvette, the test was totally unclear – it was a double fade lines on the test kit. It only get confirmed when I see GP the next day and gynae two days later.

For this round, we didn’t see the gynae immediately because he was out of town. We then scheduled to see him on last Saturday instead.

On that Saturday, the wait to see him was ridiculously long. We waited for 2hrs 15 mins. Consider we have Yvette in tow.

When I was finally in and Dr Chan did the scan for me, he asked: “Are you sure you are pregnant?”

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