We Work On Forming the Letters!

We are not surprised to receive negative updates from teachers on Yvette. I don’t aim to raise a perfect child and Yvette CERTAINLY is not prefect!

On Wednesday, everyone in the class were happily making the Letter C but Yvette, no matter how teacher coaxed her, she simply refused to do it.

On Friday, Yvette went forward to tell the teacher: “Ms Lei, Letter C is like a circle. You don’t close the circle, if not it look like a Letter O!” And the teacher was really impressed how Yvette could relate a Letter C to her. This is what she told D about it.

Both of us was equally impressed too. We have never taught Yvette this at all. I have never related C as a circle to Yvette but she could gather all the facts she had learnt, and came out a concept for Letter C.

However, I am not going to let Yvette go just like that.

I spoken to Yvette not once but twice on this.

First I told her she got to co-operate with the teacher even she already understand. Second I also tried to understand why she didn’t want to make letter C. She told me she wanted to make Letter L for leaf. (Yes, she did a small letter L instead.) But I told her, she can make L later at home and in school she got to obey the teachers.

Forming letters - IMG_1285

Yesterday we worked on forming the letters using palydoh with her at home to ensure even she didn’t do it in school, she does know her letters well. Although my worry for her ability to form the letters was uncalled for. But then again she needs to be pushed and reminded and coaxed.

Arrrgh…. Really not easy to coach toddler!


9 thoughts on “We Work On Forming the Letters!

    • Don’t teach I will not be sure she knows leh… haha.. but you are quite right still have to “entertain”. But sometimes I outsource… I give her my iPhone.. iPod… iPad! OpS!

  1. Not making sense lah. Why do you need to be sure she knows? If you find it hard to teach a toddler, then can always do like what I did last time with the older 3 – don’t teach at all. They know – good, don’t know – no big deal. Bc still so young. When they are older, no time to play already.

    • Aiya… find hard teaching is one thing. Teach is another. Nowadays cannot don’t teach lah… 时代不同了。。。

      I just ranting only… cannot meh…:(

  2. Agree partly with both of you: I teach toddler son (cos I really enjoy it and he loves learning), but I don’t make sure he knows. First 3 years is for input, I have no expectation for any output from him. If there’s output, great; no output, it’s ok, can wait, just enjoy the learning process.

    And our home lessons revolve around what he’s interested in learning that day. I may start with a learning idea, if he isn’t interested, I let him guide the lesson instead.

    The above is also 1 reason for us homeschooling as long as possible, so he can choose what to learn for the day, and always enjoy learning, without having to fit into the teacher’s lesson plan. Toddlers are very spontaneous and structured lessons may put them off, especially those more advanced than peers.

    Of cos, every mummy will find a suitable teaching / learning style for their child. Most importantly, have fun! 🙂

    • As I teach I notice my expectation goes up. I couldn’t help wanting to get output from her. But I set my expectation at a realistic level. For English and Chinese, I didn’t expect her to read. Even for Chinese word recognition, I don’t push much. That resulted she kind of lacking behind for Chinese.

      We push a lot on Maths. Reasons? She pushes us to practice with her daily. Can you imagine she can easily do up 20 pages of maths exercise daily. That we have high expectation.

      Yeah… no matter what, teaching toddler must have fun. IF not both of us will be very very unhappy!

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