We Are Getting Better, I hope (Music Lesson 9)

Haha, I wanted to laugh!

D being extra caution (look after our bread during the toilet break before class) had brought him some unexpected request from Yvette. Yvette  wanted D to accompany her this round. Yeah! I have earned some free time.

Music 8 - IMG_0472

Again, according to D she didn’t give her best. But we know she is learning. She often sing the song, play with the instrument and practice the motor skills taught by Teacher Elaine too. So I think let me not push her much till next term and hopefully I can see some maturity in her.

After the lesson, sometimes we will sit down with Crystal’s family for some snacks. That will took us around an hour including letting our child to roam around in Forum.

We then found this toy at MotherCare. which I wanted to buy sometimes back. Construct-it.

Music 8 - IMG_0473

The above was selling at S$55 at 30% discount. We brought our at S$44 with 30% discount. Although the above suits Yvette more now, we  decided to buy something  cheaper and with more pieces to play.

Haha.. typical… hmmmm…

Music 8 -  IMG_1279


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