Books Yvette Read in March 2011

We finally finished reading the last book of the early reader book I brought months back. As such, it is again time for me to sit down to decide which series of book I should take her on. I know she is still reading ahead of her peers but it still boils down to my expectation.

Read Mar 11 - IMG_0009

She doesn’t really like to read by her own. She prefers me reading to her. I know she could read better and she does try to read those words using phonics rule but the still she prefer revising her Maths more than reading. Hmmm…

We touched on these two books too. It had been neglected. It is good once in awhile brushing her phonics although I work toward on whole language method for reading.

Read Mar 11 - IMG_1305

Read Mar 11 - IMG_1306

I pulled out this book to make her read aloud to me. Counting as she read makes her really looking forward to flip the pages again and again. (Thanks Sam.)

Read Mar 11 - IMG_1286

We are at lesson 9 for Book 1 of 四五块读. I hope to finish this by April and move on to Book 2.

Read Mar 11 - IMG_0010

皮皮狗 series were still her favourite. She could feel a lot for this book – 妈妈不见了。 She will always hold me tight as I read this book to her. So I constantly making use this book to remind her; she got to stay close to us when we are out if not one day she will lose me. 😀

Read Mar 11 - IMG_1249


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