The 11th Anniversary Celebration

Yesterday right after the class, we rushed home. We got ready my FIL’s lunch and as well as dinner before we left home for the make up celebration for last Friday. We headed down to Dempsey Hill for Crabs.

I have craving recently. I keep thinking of eating crabs. So D brought us there. And moreover, D wanted to bring Yvette to the indoor playground. This place is a good choice over these two wants.

I like Jumbo at Dempsey. I love the set up of the restaurant.  And we were given to the seat so near to the fish, prawns, etc. Yvette loves it too.

11th Ann - IMG_1235

Since in the month of April, Jumbo offers member 50% discount on the crabs, we ordered one chilli and one pepper crabs and that cost us less than a hundred bucks. (Oh well, we know we can’t finish. We order more because we wanted to pack back to give it to mum.)

11th Ann - IMG_0466

11th Ann - IMG_0468

We have a great lunch with a very cooperative Yvette. (Nowadays, we will bring out some Yvette’s favourite activity books to keep her occupy during our meal time. iPod Touch is just a secondary tool now.)

Then we headed to Go.Go Bambini. Initially I was really reluctant to let Yvette in. It was far too crowded than expected but Yvette insisted. Oh well.

D is the one who accompanied her throughout the hour there. Yes we were there for about an hour and surprisingly she didn’t throw tantrum when we told us we got to leave.

We shall be back then but not so soon I guess.

11th Ann - IMG_1242

11th Ann - IMG_1245


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