I Think We Have Caught Hold of The Rhythms But….(Music Lesson 8)

We learnt, we applied. Base on the timing of last lesson, I managed to make sure Yvette did have some lunch and  take a short nap before we sent her to her music class. And instead of waiting for the cab which take forever to flag down by us, we decided to book a cab to lesson so that it will maximise Yvette’s beauty sleep. haha…

She was really in cheerful mood during the lesson. Even Teacher Elaine commented she was cheeky. I won’t say she put in her best but her participation rate was definitely much worth applause.

But situation turned against us when we were in Parkway Parade. (Yeah, I love to go PP very much. Wonder why I am not staying in the East.) Two rows of major meltdown cost our blood pressure shooting up.


We managed the meltdowns feeling all eyes on us. These didn’t stop us from disciplining Yvette. And I am glad D is always supportive when come to my “style” of controlling Yvette.

Music 7 - IMG_0464

This ride is near to the supermarket at 3rd floor

Unlike the last outing, we didn’t end up going home after she had finally cool down. We still manage to do some groceries shopping and Yvette was a happy girl while waiting for a cab. And we were really lucky despite long taxi queue, we manage to hop on a cab that only heading North.

We were home by 10 then.


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