Month In Review – March & Goals For Apr 2011

P/S: You might want to read why I started to record this entry monthly here.

March seemed to be the busiest and the longest month ever. There are many things I wanted to do, I planned to do but it remain undone at the end of the month. And when I tried to recap now (13/04/2011 – another back dated post), I find so hard to recall even with pictures.

1. What were the major event/s for the month?

My sister’s wedding.

2. What were the outings we had?

To East Coast Park

3. Anything new things we did or tried?

We went back to Big O Cafe & Restaurant (Paragon) and to try their Chinese food. Ok, Big O is actually served western cuisine but then inside their menu you could find “Stir-fried Mushroom”, “White Rice”, “Grill Fish”  – Ok I know grill fish is part of western food. But all these combination make good enough to serve Yvette dinner.

Yvette is never a western food lover. Tots at her age loves French Flies, Nuggets, Pizza, chicken wing… she never a big fan. So as we craved for pasta, we need to cater her need too. And then I found Big O suit us.

Apr 11 Review

We tired Popeye Chicken for the first time. How long this had been in Singapore?

Apr 11 Review - IMG_0404

4. Any new learning curriculum for Yvette?

We did a lapbook – The Grouchy Ladybug. She learnt Parts of the car.

5. What was the family health stats for the month?

Our princess is sick again.

6. What were my accomplishments this month?


7. What surprised me this month?


8. What were my disappointments this month?


9. Any other events happened but I did not record here?

All our dinner outing.

10. Favourite picture of Yvette with any extended family members.

None. No is no picture with extended family taken.

11. Favourite picture of Yvette with D or myself.

Apr 11 Review  - IMG_1189

I love the reflection

12. Family picture for the month of March.

We have a super not co-operative princess in this month. Couldn’t get a nice family picture.

13. Any goals for April?

I guess I barely have time to set up goals thus March went off so fast without much spark in our daily life. It is all about routine. I find working bring me no quality life. Sigh…


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