Update From CC and Yvette’s Progression For Mar 2011

I received quite a lot of updates from the English Teacher. She started to try to provide weekly update instead of giving us on monthly basis. Of course at the same time she did provide us one monthly update for March itself too.


Theme: Sounds & Music

They went into details of learning the sounds of various animals, sounds from inside and outside the house. Yvette learnt the different sounds that the favourite pet can produce, as well as farm and zoo animals too. Yvette made mask – she had chosen a sheep and pretended to be her favourite animal while making their sounds with her friends.

The classroom activities taught them to discriminate the sounds that they hear from the surroundings. After they discuss the different sounds from inside the house they went out to have a short trip and investigation about the various sounds that they can hear from outside the house. We enjoyed hearing the “BOOM! BOOM! sound coming from the entrance of the MRT station.


The tots counted and sorted out different coloured marbles. It was difficult to sort all the marbles, however, they really enjoyed it and they wanted to play with this sorting and counting game again and again.

Number 6 – They had fun counting and collecting six objects in the classroom such as 6 books, 6 coloured pompoms, and 6 toy cars. They counted and had a discussion about 6 postcards and six stamps. They learnt that postcard is a rectangular piece of thick paper or thin cardboard intended for writing and mailing without an envelope. They colour and cut out six pretend stamps and used them to decorate our postcards that they are going to deliver to our family and friends by hand.

Fun With Phonics

Letters P, I, N – They reinforced our knowledge of the phonetic sounds /s/,
/a/, /t/, /p/, /i/, and /n/ through the classroom games and several storytelling sessions. They sang songs and practiced writing the letters in such a fun way. They enjoyed sticking star-shaped stickers in our letter i as they follow the arrow as a guide in writing the letter correctly. They even used chubby markers in creating a dot in our n. What a fun way of learning how to write the letters!

Picnic at Toa Payoh Courtyard

During the Let’s Play holiday programme, they went out on a sunny day together with the other N1, PG and N2 classes. The teachers brought a ball, a big parachute, and our healthy food and drinks.

Wang Hao Laoshi guided the tots in our warm up exercise after they settled down at our picnic venue. They work on our patience and listening skill as they
pass the ball to their friend while singing the song which has fast and slow parts. Then, they played with the parachute like how they used to play during their enrichment class. They had our much awaited snacks afterward. They proceeded with the letter hunt with the other N1 classes.

The above are updates for the English lesson, here the update from the Chinese Teacher.


  • 雷公生气了
  • 小兔子乖乖


  • 小雨点
  • 小鸭小鸡


  • “小兔拔萝卜”
  • “找一找”
  • “我会开车”


  • 传声筒
  • 小绵羊
  • 小兔头饰


  • 全靠两只耳朵
  • 大门铃声响
  • 什么乐器在唱歌

Lastly these are the cooking she did in March. Some she miss it, and some she did not bring home. (Finish eating them in school.)

CC update Mar 11 -  IMG_0924

This represent a school


CC update Mar 11 - IMG_1034

5 mushrooms, 5 pineapples, 5 sausages to learn 1,2,3,4,5



4 thoughts on “Update From CC and Yvette’s Progression For Mar 2011

  1. oh……i was thinking of chaning my son’s cc. they just have no std at all and scho fee is not cheap ($450 after sub).
    the art works are worst than those that we do at home and the teacher just dont have the passion. I was very angry when he came home 2 times within 3 mths without his brief nor diaper.
    i am a follower of your blog and just want to know the cc as the program looks gd.

    • If you are a follower (pardon me that I doesn’t sound polite to you), you will know I will never disclose where I send Yvette to.

      If you really like such programs, try all these schools; Kinderland, Pats School House, , Learning Vision, Chiltern House (which I think CH is only Kindergarten), MindChamp, Campbridge, Carpe Diem, Shaws Child Development & Learning Centre… etc

      Note FYI – their fees is much higher than S$450 after sub.

      The above schools are my shortlisted lists when I search for CC.

      I am sorry that I can’t disclose because of Yvette’s security. As a mother, I am sure you can understand where I am coming from. Hope you can find one school for your son soon.

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