Will a little EQ helps?

I am shame to admit despite Yvette is still not feeling well. But I have to send her to school. (For sure she doesn’t have fever anymore.)

Neither of us can take leave today. Not exactly we can’t. I can but I can only be off in the afternoon. I need to go back to office to discuss and submit a document to government before I can be off.

Looking back how Yvette was taken care when she was sick, there is a huge amount of guilt sitting within me. I am very sure I am not fulfilling my duty as her mum completely. And I do thank D who willingly cancel his important meeting to stay at home to look after Yvette.

How I wish l could be at Yvette’s side when she is sick all times. With my employment status, I need to answerable to both sides (the company I work for and the agency) certainly don’t make me in a better position.

This makes me ponder again whether the decision on re-joining the work force is correct. (I really have steep learning curve during this period. I think the curve will be steeper if I stay at home longer.)


Will a little more EQ going to help me?


10 thoughts on “Will a little EQ helps?

  1. Oh dear, I think you are doing your best given the limitations set on you since you still have job responsibilities… Hang in there ok? Hope she recovers completely soon!

  2. Hi Sunflower

    i am your silent reader and am very inspired by your blog. You are such a dedicated mum to your Yvette despite having to work full time. It is not easy being a working mum and having to take care of her and homeschooling her too. it is a tough work. BTW, i noticed that you have a section on lapbook, but however i couldn’t view it. i am not sure whether you mind me viewing your lapbook? just curious on how you teach Yvette. Do you mind sharing with me? Thank you Sunflower.

    • Sally,

      Thanks for coming forward. I love more readers to talk to me.

      But I am sorry I can’t share the password protected posts with you. These posts were classes I sent Yvette to. I am protecting them because I feel I should protect the teacher’s interest. That is her own trade and I really respect her as a teacher and a mother.

      IF you like more to learn more about lap book you can go to my learning corner to search for related post. If you find not enough, you can read this site. JJ Mummy has good lesson plan for lapbook too.

      Hope that helps.

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