Music Lesson After 2 Weeks Break (Lesson 7)

Taking last week’s routine as indicator, we woke Yvette up at 8 plus this morning. Surprisingly she didn’t want to follow up to market and wanted to stay at home with my sister.

So both of us went to out to market to enjoy some couple time together. Within an hour, we ate our breakfast, did our marketing, brought their food and made our way home. Without Yvette, it is possible to get things done in an hour.

We were back home around 11 am. I fed Yvette lunch (because Ah Yee given her some cake in the morning). I played with her for about 2.5 hours and finally the sleeping monster was rushing her off to slumber!

Phew, she slept at around 1 pm.

In these two hours, we spent most of our time doing housework. Getting my FIL dinner, doing laundry, etc. Very soon, 2 hours had passed and I have to wake Yvette up at 3.15 pm so that I can prepare Yvette for class.

No tantrum when she was up. When everything sail on smoothly, we were hijacked not once but twice. In the end, we were late because we only hop on a cab at 3.50pm.

Yvette’s mood was good as expected. Participation rate from Yvette was a little higher than usual. Perhaps due to she had eaten and rest well.

We tired to discuss about the timing in class and the outcome is not possible to transfer the whole class to the morning and no other classes available too.

We went Lucky Plaza to have pizza for dinner and at the end of the day, we ended our day in Ikea – our monthly routine.

Ikea March - IMG_1146

P/S: Her fever went down today but it came back in the middle of the night again.


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