Fever Once More

Seriously, Yvette’s  health status really gets worse after sending to CC. On the average, she will be down monthly due to all sort of reasons. And sadly, her cough didn’t go away. Perhaps her immune system is rather weak at this juncture, she was attacked with Fever virus.

We were quite shock to find out she was running mild fever in the middle of the night. She was coughing badly and this was how I found she was running a fever.

Situation didn’t get better in the morning and D decided to post phone of his conference call so that he could concentrate taking care of Yvette.

Yvette was crying badly when I left home and that left me with a super heavy heart.

Fever Once More - IMG_1108

I started to feel I shouldn’t go back to work at all.


10 thoughts on “Fever Once More

  1. hihi dear,

    hope lil yvette recover real soon. fully understand how u feel. U feel u shld not work at all BUT i PRAY i strike TOTO so dun need to work.. wahahaha

    Recently my girl also cough very badly!! This is the 1st time she scold that bad!

    Hope our lil bub healthy n happy forever.

  2. no choice.. that is part of the package for going to a chilcare.. It will really take sometime before her immune system go up. Usually when they get to kindy level, they should be btr..

    Hugz Yvette..

  3. Think there are loads of bugs around, keep hearing people around me cough… you hang in there ok? Hugs! Hope she gets well soon…

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