Lapbook Learning: The Grouchy Ladybug

Lapbook - IMG_1127

I love the green on the cover page that done by Yvette and her Daddy. D didn’t wish the picture of art messed up by Yvette and he decided to make up by adding the green.  It started well. She could follow instructions given by D and drew out the semi-circle. It went haywire after D trying to instruct Yvette to put spot onto the ladybug.

Lapbook - IMG_1082

We started this learning on 14th March and this learning last us a week. I gotten all my materials here except for the clock. Sorry I can’t find the link where I found the clock.

Lapbook - IMG_1128

Lapbook - IMG_1129

In the past, I will use several books related to this topic to teach Yvette. For this round, I focus on this book. However that doesn’t mean we didn’t cover much. In this book there are so much we can learn from this book.

  1. We learn about time.
  2. We learn about from the smallest to the biggest animals (as well as the name of the animals) which the Grouchy Ladybug encountered.
  3. We learn about parts of Ladybug.
  4. We learn about life cycle of Ladybug.
  5. We learn L is for Leaf, Ladybug, Lemon and Lion.
  6. I can follow direction covered some maths and train the tot their ability to follow instruction.
  7. This book also teach good value. Grouchy Ladybug is a bug that will never like to share and say please. This bug also try to be a bully here. But in the end, this book spells a bully will never win.

I hope we can do more of such learning in near future.

P/S: At the end of the lesson, Yvette could remember what animals the ladybug encountered at different hours. And as well as identify animals she never read upon before. Such as skunk, praying mantis, yellow jacket is a bee species, stag beetle, etc…


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