Oh This is Soooo Addictive!

Due to Yvette is coughing and she also didn’t want to go Zoo with Stella’s family, I have to “fly Stella aeroplane”!

Haha… not really…

Anyway, this is her first piece of Sand Art together with the Paint Art that we did on 05th Mar.

Addictive - IMG_0950 (2)

Addictive - IMG_0950

In less than a month, this is what Yvette wanted to do today again. And this is the third time.

She can control the paint better.

Addicitive - IMG_1112

The little toothpick is doing magic.

Addicitive- IMG_1114

Tata, I really love this car. 90% is her own effort.

Addictive - IMG_1117

And here the Sand Art.

Addictive - IMG_1120


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