Simple Saturday – Tackling the Meltdown!

Not a single mother love using punishment as part of our discipline tool. Believe me or not, I never feel good after scolding at Yvette, screaming at Yvette even smacking her.

For the past 3 Saturday, meltdowns happened around the same timing and that worn me out. Spending time battling with her out of the little time we have (you know, working mum doesn’t have much time left with a child.); is something I hate. So I told D to spend the whole day at home to tackle this “problem”

We woke Yvette up a bit earlier so that instead of brunch we usually had for weekend, we can have breakfast. After our breakfast, we spent time playing in the playground. We realized Yvette doesn’t like the usually playground at Lor 1 market anymore. Not sure what exactly the reason is, we brought her to another playground that is near to our house. D even made a special trip home to get the ball for her.

Simple Saturaday - IMG_0436

Simple Saturaday - IMG_0442

Simple Saturaday - IMG_0443

After the playground trip, I gave her a warm bath and hoping she will doze off but she never. We continued with some learning activities which I have planned and that brought us all the way to past lunch time.

Simple Saturaday -IMG_1084

I quickly cooked porridge for her although she had been munching. I was really afraid over-tiring and hunger will make Yvette grouchy.

After I gave her the porridge, it was already close to 3 pm. Shortly we also noticed that she started to rub her eye and she also started to come near to me. Slowly and surely, she started to asked for neh neh and soon she dozed off. She slept all the way till 5 plus and we made a trip to City Square Mall for our dinner.

With that, we were delighted from whole morning to night; we did not encounter any tantrum from her.



So what had caused the meltdown for the past 3 Saturdays?

  1. She will not sleep during the hour set down by the school during weekends. She rather spends more of her time with us rather sleeping. (Today, she woke up about the same timing as weekdays.)
  2. She will eventually need to nap.
  3. Timing for the music becomes bad. Afternoon is never good to send Yvette to any enrichment.
  4. Solution as of now – I will try to wake Yvette up earlier on Saturday. Try to spend more time with her (oh well, she used to have all of my time). Reading, learning and playing.
  5. Going forward – I think I have to move her music class to the morning to avoid tantrums and meltdown from her.

9 thoughts on “Simple Saturday – Tackling the Meltdown!

  1. That’s great. Sounds like you are beginning to find out the root of the problem aka meltdown. I totally agree with your first paragraph. I always hate myself afterwards yet I cannot stop myself from disciplining Ashlyn when the need arise. At the day and age, I actually still believe in “spare the rod, spoil the child.” omg. But rod as in smacking, scolding or nagging(haha). Soft methods never worked on her. I bought the cane but haven’t even touched it once yet. Ashlyn is also getting better though I still don’t know what went wrong during this tough period. Jia you. 🙂

    • I hope and I really hope this is the solution. I can totally understand soft method don’t work on the child. Sometimes Yvette doesn’t buy this idea too.

  2. Yay, good to hear! I’ve read somewhere that the best way to work out the family’s schedule is around naps and meals. Guess so long they have eaten and slept enough, tantrums should be reduced? 🙂

    • In theory, by giving enough food and nap, tantrums should be reduced but you know Yvette has mood swing and sometimes I do see the swing is coming to me from another unknown reason from time to time.

  3. And some kids have very sensitive bio-clock. If so, good to have same bedtime, wake-up and nap time every day. At least this works well for my boy and makes activities easier to plan.

    And naptime routine is useful too. After lunch at about 2pm, I bring son to bedroom, draw curtains, read stories, then put him to bed. It’s the same routine evey day, so he’d fall asleep by 3pm. CC is able to handle many kids, also by setting routine for them and let them adjust to it.

    I also agree with arranging enrichment class for morning, similar to her CC hours. Freshly-awake means better absorption too.

    Great that things are improving! 🙂

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