New Routine for Thursday & Friday‏

I cook everyday despite I work. But for the past consecutive 3 weeks, I decided to stop cooking on Friday. So my duty for preparation for food is off on Thursday.

Indeed, this has given more time. I used the extra 1-2 hours I gained on Thursday to teach and play with Yvette. I also make use of the time to do some ironing too.

Other than gaining more quality time with Yvette, we also make use of Friday to reward ourselves. (We used to do it every Friday before we have Yvette.)

Today we headed J8 to have dinner. We do like the food from Watami – (except some of the food in the menu can be quite salty) but then the service was not what we have experiencing for this round. The Visa machine was down and the restaurant manager allowed two customer in front of him to cut his queue. D got upset and I guess this will deter us from going there any sooner.

Thurs & Fri - IMG_0418

Thurs & Fri - IMG_0428

The school did a good job on getting her to feed herself. Since last month she been feeding herself during meal time

Thurs & Fri - IMG_0426

The Watami Salad - Worth trying


Thurs & Fri - IMG_0429

Watami Ramen - I like the thick broth

My SIL and nephew joined us for dinner too. However, Yvette didn’t have the attention span sitting there to enjoy the get together moment. So since our trip here was also to bring Yvette for hair cut, I decided to go ahead with Yvette and left D staying with them in the restaurant.

I don’t why but sometimes I think it is good that she does “enjoy” hair cut. She doesn’t like long hair. So when I told her it’s about time to cut, she is always over-joy with this. I wanted to bring her to Junior League but then again, the shop is already closed. So since Yvette “insisted” to have her cut, we went EC House again.

Thurs & Fri - IMG_0430

Roaming around before cut

This round it’s a man who cut her hair. Yvette didn’t like the idea her neck was “covered” with a piece of cloth and then another piece of cloth was layered over her. There was some struggle, some coaxing but no crying. Moreover, I only asked the hair stylist to trim her hair and cut her fringe that took us less than 15 mins.

Thurs & Fri - IMG_0431

Making funny faces again

We wanted to do paint art and sand art after the cut just like the last round but sadly when we were there, the shop owner started to pack up. So I told Yvette I will try to bring her here again.  Surprisingly, there was no tantrum from her!

And our evening ended well…


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