Leap Frog: Math Adventure to the Moon

Of late, Yvette does like to climb up and down to get things herself… Somehow I have to keep an eye at her for this normal act which is part of their growing up. Thus, sometimes when I really need time off to do housework, I don’t deny I do use educational CD to keep her occupied.

I went to get her a new bag at Robinson and watch this CD with interest while I was at the Children Department. I have gotten this CD about a year back (a Birthday gift from my sister to Yvette) but it has left on the shelf to collect dust.


As this CD is about learning maths and some science, I thought it will be good to show it to her.

Look, she did watch this CD with great interest when I played for her.  I am surprise she still watch something she already knew with such concentration but my guess, this won’t last long.



It’s I guess because she isn’t a TV person when come to learning. But I do wish this CD could keep her interest going.

Let my guess be wrong then!


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