Yvette: 2 yrs 10 mths (34 mths)

Yvette turned 34 mths on 13/03/2011, Sunday. And this picture was taken in the morning – Fresh from her slumber!

13.03.11 - IMG_1076

While I am counting down for her third birthday, she is as excited. In fact, she is looking very forward for her birthday now. After celebrating 4 birthdays of her classmate in school, she can’t wait for more for her turn. 😀

Sadly, the terrible two isn’t over although she is coming to 3. At her 33th month, I spent most of my time battling with her. Sadly, I didn’t manage to find out the best way to deal with her tantrum and making me feeling very lousy over it.

Some interesting quirks and behaviours changes (and habits) for 33 mths are:

  • She loves to walk backward.

Walking backward IMG_0934

  • She loves to make faces and insisting me taking down those faces she made for her.

Milestone 33 Mths (13 Mar 11)


  • She loves to help herself to a taller height with a chair. Sigh.


  • She loves to pretend play as she read. She is trying to eat all the food in this book and feeding us too.


  • And she loves to ask many question about the book every time she reads. (Mummy, Apple got seed or not? Orange got seed or not?)


  • Sadly she doesn’t like carrot that much anymore. But she still eat them.
  • She loves to sing a lot too. Both English and Chinese.
  • She loves to talk a lot and doesn’t mind keep talking to herself.

She had a bad accident in last month. She really banged herself into the wall and her face gotten bruise the next day. It actually last for a few days before it went off.

Although she is bottomless but then her weight doesn’t seem to go up. At 33 mths, she was again 11 kg but she has grown taller by a cm.


Her usual dinner portion and normally she could finish without much snack before meal.

Here are some snippets on how Yvette spent her 33 mths in general…

Ride that she never says no.


Still helping out in doing housework.



She never stop being cheeky. I like this smile.


I love this Daddy and Daughter Moment. They were so focused!



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