Why I Still Blog With Little “Me-Time”?

I am surprise I still blog “daily” (ok I know most of my posts are back dated.). One very good reason – it “freeze” the memory. Although good picture speaks a thousand words, mind you, it will not able to spell what was exactly happening all the time.

Blogging helps me in expressing myself in words. I used to struggle a lot in composition during my school days. And sometimes I am still in the situation in getting the right word to express myself, but I know I am not afraid to write anymore.

Recently I got an invitation to be a  guest contributor for one of the popular site. I am surprise and as well as excited. I don’t write that good English and I am still been invited. I have not started to contribute and also, the details on how to contribute are not finalize too.

I am not too sure will my article be selected and eventually published by them. If yes, that definitely mark a milestone for me! If no, it is still a bonus for me as I have developed some friendship out of this space!!!

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