A Sad Ending Outing

It’s a curse! It happened on about the same time on Saturday afternoon.

I can’t believe we ended our happy day in East Coast Park and Parkway Parade with a terrible meltdown from Yvette. I won’t want to go into details on this meltdown. It certainly didn’t make me look good here.

I wonder when this is going to pass. I really dread on handling this over again and again.

Despite the outing ended with Yvette’s crying, we had great time in East Coast Park and PP. We spent one hour under the hot hot sun playing sand and water. Yvette had great time pretending the sand is food so that most of the time she was cooking.

ECP Mar - IMG_1045

ECP Mar -IMG_1067

I finally convinced her to move out of the sun by giving her coconut. And we washed her outside the toilet near the food centre. We then took a cab to PP to have our lunch.

ECP Mar - IMG_1069

After lunch, as promised, we brought her to level 2 to do the paint art. For the first time she chosen a bigger piece of art and did it badly. We also did her second piece of Sand Art. I find doing Sand Art for tot is much easier but needs more patience.

ECP Mar -IMG_1073

ECP Mar -IMG_1074

I realised Yvette usually didn’t have the patience for it. She will become restless when we are almost done. It happened again today.

After the art work, we headed for some ride. Normally we only give Yvette one ride per outing but today we made it an exception for her. See she was so happy although the picture is blur.

ECP Mar -IMG_1072

After the ride, I realised it was past already her nap time and that was the triggering point of her tantrum. So my post of this outing shall end here. 😦


9 thoughts on “A Sad Ending Outing

  1. I can imagine going past nap-time. It’s so fearful that we don’t allow that to happen. Vee’s someone who needs me to tune him down for sleep since a baby. Even now, if he wakes up a little early than he should, I get a terrible morning fighting his tantrums and tears.

    As for outings, if it’s full-day, we bring a baby carrier along. When it’s almost nap-time, hubby will carry him and walk about till he dozes off. After he sleeps for 1 hour, we’ll continue again. He’s so fussy and can’t sleep in stroller.

  2. Same for us! Everytime we miss naptime he either goes nuts or throws a massive tantrum. And sometimes the pram doesn’t work so its tough!

  3. Kids this age are made to give us meltdowns! I always tell myself that this just means they’re growing up normally & well. I would be worried instead if they ‘gong gong’ & just do what we tell them to do. So don’t be so hard on urself ya!

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