Chinese Book Selection @ Kinokuniya Taka

More often when I visit the book store, I always march straight to English Children book department. The Chinese department is always being forgotten.

Today I decided to head Kino during lunch time to check out the Chinese selection in store. Surprisingly, I found out many books that I can buy for Yvette. (Oh yes, I found 我会读 there too.)

Kino - IMG_0384

I found these two books which Yvette’s school is using it for the weekly reading program.

Mar 2011 Everyday

I was really feel like buying them. I finally drop the idea because I convinced myself not to waste money. 皮皮狗 is exactly having the almost same title as them although with different storyline.

Mar 2011 Everyday (2)

Besides the above titles, I also found some other books that are worth buying too. But I couldn’t find the 不自私 series at Dang Dang site. Think I have to go back to Kino to get this book.

Mar 2011 Everyday (3)

It has been awhile I have buy Chinese book for Yvette. (I know I have plenty of new books at home. But I just couldn’t stop myself from buying.) And after reading this entry from Sam, I came out a list of books that I can buy. I am joining Doris again.

P/S: All the pictures in this post are taken by my iPhone.


8 thoughts on “Chinese Book Selection @ Kinokuniya Taka

    • After calculating my shipping cost and the book cost, it is about the same as what is selling at that site.

      Thanks for sharing. Now I got one more site to look see look see.

      • That’s what I thought too. Altho’ I’ve never bought from that store before. So tempted, but no more space at home . I’m borrowing all these books from library. Looks like not many people very interested in the books that I want in the library. haha!

  1. Wow, I didn’t really think of going to Kinokuniya for Chinese materials as the one in Bugis doesn’t have any for children. Will take a look at the Orchard one when I’m there.

    • I am surprise to find good books there too. Sure you should go up there and take a look but I suggest you don’t buy stright. Many books there can be brought from Dang Dang site and it is much cheaper to buy from spree.

      P/S: I can help you to buy from Dang Dang spree if you are not sure how.

    • Yes. I know I have Pipi dog already. I wanted to buy “小熊宝宝” too cos you see I got 2 same title (pic 3) and I read I like “小熊宝宝” more. But then since the school is giving out as reader book every week, I decided to drop buying it.

      Recommend to everyone because I find the story plot from “小熊宝宝” better. (which the link you have provided.)

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