Place Value

Yvette has no difficulty telling me big numbers. Whenever we walked pass block with 3 digits or anything with 3 digits, she could easily read those aloud to me.

Place value - IMG_1075

We did the above activity on the 05th March and she completed it effortlessly. However when I turned over the next page to continue the next activity, she was lost completely.

Place value - IMG_1020

Honestly I was surprised she couldn’t  visualise the value and place them correctly. As such, this triggered me to make these materials for her.

Place Value - IMG_1021

Apparently with this set of material (is poorly done up by me. Thinking of buying them now), indeed did help her to understand more easily but then I still have some reservation that she had grasp hold of the idea.

Place Value - IMG_1019

I think more revision is required to learn this concept.


7 thoughts on “Place Value

    • I got book 2 from ELM book store from Paragon but I paid S$3.50 I think. I got book 3 & 4 from the popular fair but I only paid S$3 for two books.

      I like all these book. They teach good maths concepts.

  1. thk very much …. will try to look for it at Suntec branch….
    i am currently teaching my gal place value too but it is kind of difficult to explain the concept to her.. May I ask, is it when teaching place value you will need to do up a card like what you did that it will be easier for her to understand?

    • Yes I find easier to teach this way. And also I write those number on the board in the sequence as follow: 300 (first row) 50 (second row) then 10 (last row) and tell her to read those number in words to me to make sure she understand. Then follow by using the card to further explains the concept.

      Hope the tips help.

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