Bottomless @ 33 mths

I think I ever mentioned Yvette is starting to eat a lot ever since she turned 2 yo. Don’t ask me how, I didn’t know why her appetite increase out of the blue.

She started to eat really a lot. A LOT.

The amount of food she is eating during school time and after school and during the weekends sometimes shock us.

Taking today as example.

In school, the teachers normally give her one big bowl of food during their lunch time. They have fruit snack at 10 am and afternoon snack at 3 plus. She will be given cake (that I packed for her) at 5 pm in the evening. D will pick her up usually at 6 pm and D will normally ask her whether she want any food. She will usually ask for fruits or Tamago sushi or cakes.

Then back home. Dinner will be served at 7.15 to 7.30 pm but then since she had taken so much prior dinner, we cut her usual portion to half now. But then that doesn’t mean she will stop eating.

Bottomless @ 33 mths - IMG_1010

Today I stay back for work and only back home around  9 pm. I brought some breads from BreadTalk and my girl almost finished 2 breads.

Bottomless @ 33 mths - IMG_1011

P/S: She never finished the raisin bun because she doesn’t like the cheese in the middle of the bun. As for the hotdog bun, I removed from her. I stopped her from eating.

After I had my dinner, I cut some fruits and she was eating happily again!


I am not complaining but I don’t know should I be happy or sad over it. The good and bad news is her weight doesn’t seem to go up. She is still weighting at 11 kg now!


13 thoughts on “Bottomless @ 33 mths

  1. hihi dear,

    my gal 22mth old, she also ate alot!
    7:15am – 7oz milk with cereal + a slice of cheese
    9am – snack (usually bread/cereal, she often finish hers & help her frenz to eat also)
    11.30am – lunch (she eating e bowl size for 3yrs group)
    3pm – snack
    4pm – 7oz milk
    7pm – 2-3bowl pooridge
    8pm – share my dinner
    8.30pm – 7oz milk with cereal

    Base on the way she eat, i so scare her tummy explode. Or i thought she dunno what is FULL? So sometime i will offer more but she will reject. Thus i believe maybe she just too active & burn away the calrories?

    And she only gain less then 1kg for 9mths. 🙂

    • Haha, you very cute. But I also think like you. I also scare her tummy will explode thus I removed the last bun from her.

      How heavy is your girl now? Yvette never exceed 10 KG till she was 2.

  2. So far my girl is 21mths++, i think she is around 11kg+-. That y sometime ppl commented wow, your girl so skinner hor? my heart abit sad. 😦

  3. whahaha, thanks dear for your console. Yes, it took so long to pass that 10kg! Most impt is they are happy & healthy. 🙂

  4. Gal, my ger oso same.. don’t worry.. as long as happy healthy can le..

    Many oso commented vel so skinny.. But when i looked around, alot of gers are oso skinny wor.. 🙂

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