Is This Pox?

In the middle of the night, Yvette woke up by the thunder and lighting getting uneasy to sleep on. She also complained itchy before finally she got back to sleep. I didn’t pay too much attention on her. Partly due to the medication I was taking. I feel so tired and the only thing on my mind was quickly back to sleep.

So in the early morning, after getting myself ready, I went to bed to wake Yvette up; I found a few spots on Yvette’s face, neck and even body.

pox - IMG_0979

Pox - IMG_0981

Pox - IMG_0993

I got a shock!

I am not sure whether this is chicken pox although she been vaccinated.

There is no fever, no patches of rash at one area. But I am someone who is very Kaisi. I am really afraid Yvette will be a carrier and pass this to her classmate. Without any hesitation, I decided to go ahead with an unpaid today.

We went to the clinic at 9.40 am but we waited for 45 mins and was finally Yvette’s turn. After examined by the doctor, he confirmed these are not chicken pox but I still need to monitor for days to make sure it is not. He assured me I was in the right track in handling this  because he told me some patient with chicken pox didn’t down with fever. After all it is good to be extra careful when we are handing our child.

I paid S$31 for consultation and a memo for school – the memo cost me S$10. Ouch, it is ex isn’t it?

Anyway, I went straight to school to pass the memo to the teacher and as well as to understand anyone in school having chicken pox now. So far, no tots in this school gotten chicken pox. I also need to the teacher to pay extra attention to Yvette’s skin because apparently, she seemed to be someone more have reaction toward dust.

After the school visit, we headed to Japanese resturant to have our lunch… what a way to celebrate!

Pox - IMG_0984

Yvette was so happy to be with me the whole day and being well behave since morning. I hope these rashes will disappear and Yvette will not feel the itch anymore.

Pox - IMG_0980

P/S: I am so happy at home now despite I will not be paid today!


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